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    Home is where the heart is:-)

    I realize most of the members/guppies here live outside of Pakistan. Perhaps better than 90% of us. And it would probably be safe to assume that of the 10% that are in Pakistan, 90% are planning to leave Pakistan, or want to move elsewhere.

    I was wondering if there are any members here who have spent better part of their lives in another country, and then moved to Pakistan for good. There would be a couple of different categories here.
    1) People who were born and raised in the west, and then moved to Pakistan at some stage.
    2) People who were born and raised in Pakistan, then moved to the west for higher education/job, lived there long enough to getr assimilated into that society, and then moved back to Pakistan after a lapse of 5/10/15 years.

    I was wondering, if any of you has had such an experience, how did you find it?
    How easy/hard was it for you to adjust back to the life in Pakistan?
    What compelled you to move to Pakistan in the first place(if not a personal reason)?
    How did ur practical life pan out in Pakistan once u got there?
    Did you/do you regret making the move, and do you want to return to the west?

    I think its a very unlikely decision if anybody decides to move back to Pakistan. But ofcourse still there are families who do move back because they would like their children to be raised in Pakistani environment so they can learn Pakistani culture and values etc.

    In Pakistan I knew a few kids who had moved to Pakistan as soon as they hit 15 or so. I think its still a little hard for them to get adjusted too. We the people there sometimes made fun of their accent, attitude and straightforwardness. Not to say that was a good thing.