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"Nazar Lag" gaye hey

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    "Nazar Lag" gaye hey

    Have you ever suffered from it? We hear a lot about it in our society.

    Our mothers and grandmothers used to make moles on our faces with "Kajal" to protect our beauty and innocence when we were children.And if some thing goes wrong in daily life, Nazar lag......!Then they also give "SADQA" of Bakra usually black or black hen.( poor blacks always suffer).

    What's your opinion on this issue?

    "fear is incomplete knowledge"

    I don't quite understand what they mean but I've heard it said. Does it mean they are mad at you cause you attracted attention to yourself and they are scolding you for it?

    If you can not change it, get over it already!


      Well, nazar lagna basically means that if someone is jealous of the good things you enjoy (usually beauty, wealth, health etc) then the jealousy may affect you adversely.

      The whole nazar lagna thing is based on superstitious fears. We believe in a lot of supernatural stuff and unconsciously we always try to associate good or bad things that happen to us with some sort of supernatural phenomenon and that's mainly the basis of our superstitions.

      Question is, are some of the superstitions completely baseless, if not all? Personally, I don't think the answer is a plain yes or no. Logically speaking, it does not make any sense. However, in many instances what happens is that if you fall for a superstition, you are in a certain mind frame where your acts or behaviour willingly or unwillingly may affect an outcome in a certain way. Like an extension to Murphy's Law where anything that can go wrong, will go wrong if you fear that it'll go wrong. So perhaps the answer is that it depends on your frame of mind. But then again, that's just a theory as well.

      I think what's best is to develop apathetic attitude towards superstitions, whether or not they can come true (and we basically have no way of knowing that too since any outcome can be classified as a justified result of a superstition or just a coincidence) and just move away because in the end, it doesn't really matter if the superstition was true or not, what matters is that you have to deal with the outcome.