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With respect and no offense to ladies.

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    With respect and no offense to ladies.

    Can some one, actually many one's, shed light on that

    "why our women get relatively obese and suddenly loose thier physical smartness after marriage after their baby births."

    many factors come into the fact that most women gain wait after pregnancy...

    -their body aches for a while after labor, so they can't move about and workout
    -after they've recovered, the baby caring takes up most of the time
    -cuz she has homely chores to doesn't get enought time to have an aerobic workout...
    -plus the fat that you gain while you are pregnant doesn't disappear after labor and then you gain more on top of that...

    and i can't explain anymore than that cuz i haven't been through it

    Save Pakistan.


      Well why do (almost) all the guys start getting fat, lazy and boring after 25? They're not giving birth or forced to stay at home?



        Save Pakistan.


          a woman's body still thinks its pregnant after delivery in order to keep the fat and nutrients for the baby (milk) and in order to take care of both the mother and baby.

          in Islam, mothers are encouraged to nurse the baby (or thru wet-nurse) for 2 yrs. From a close relative's experience, after having her first daughter, she had nursed her for the full 2 yrs and had lost all of the weight. for the second baby, she was unable to nurse it to term and had kept most of the weight.

          men are just lazy



            Well mm: Try giving birth (avge Pakistani family 3-4 kids) and live in a joint family system where there are far more social/ cultural pressures & responsibilities than excercise, & then we'll talk!

            Also, if you guys would help around t/ house, she may have a little time for herself to once again become what you deem as not so obese.


              Originally posted by mm10:

              "why our women get relatively obese and suddenly loose thier physical smartness after marriage after their baby births."
              Speak for yourself

              K excuses excuses for being lazy
              I guess they just dont wanna get off their lazy behinds and get back into shape

              Agreed a woman's body doesnt remain that as in before having babies ..but one can always keep it toned

              Those who get out of shape are just lazy bums


                we can't forget the family tendency towards obesity... You're right anchal that one should work on her body after babies, but what if someone is inclined to get obese?
                The best loved by God are those that are rich, yet have the humility of the poor, and those that are poor and have the magnanimity of the rich.

                Saadi Sherazi


                  I am not talking bout being fat

                  I am talking bout being toned and in shape

                  There is nothing wrong in being fat cant call em overweight

                  Thats just their normal weight
                  but bellies flopping around ...gimme a break

                  Go and do some toning and get your body back in shape

                  I climb steps
                  Two stories every day for fifteen minutes
                  then i do a bit of situps ...not to mention an hour spent hopping around with the kids to some Rave music

                  the main idea is to get back in shape and not to feel tired and lost but energetic and full of life