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    This film was shown the other day on TV, it is an absolute classic and Madhubala and Dilip Kumar were excellent.

    What I want to know, is where does this story originate from, as i have heard it is true, there was an Anarkali who was a servant girl and a Shehzada Saleem who fell in love with her. His father subsequently had her killed in the eyes of the masses, but secretly let her go, as long as she would go as far away as possible and not come back and show her face.

    Any comments, or facts anyone?

    Anarkali got busted...she was hanging out with the prince who was hanging out with a hundred others.
    I think it was a very inhuman act by King Akbar...he should have taken a chill what! if they were 'having a good time' if you know what I'm saying.
    I find Lady Diana's story very similar to Anarkali's but in Diana's case it was the Queen who got her killed....I know my history and facts kinda suck big time but hey sue me!



      Mariah! hi!
      the actual film is based on the famous play "Anarkali" by Syed Imtiaz Ali Taaj. The play itself is based on the Shehzada Salim - Anarkali legend. Apparently the story has some truth in it but no one can be sure 100%/ There IS a tomb in Lahore known as Anarkali's Tomb and on it is a persian poem signed "Majnun Saleem!"

      so.... As the romantic, I personally believe it to be a true story. Wallahu aalam.


        Thanks Asif, do you know approximately which century it was that this story happened?



          One of the few Indian films that I have actually been able to sit through. Was it on Brit TV Mariah? From what I can remember the setting was pretty spectacular, especially when it went to colour.