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Moderator of this forum is too boring, Part 2

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    Moderator of this forum is too boring, Part 2

    Ask him about that decorative 'baarri' (small window) hanging in his living room that he got from I don't know where (my geography know-how is too weak to remember anything). He told me some interesting stuff about it.

    See, he doesn't share all the good stuff.

    He also does not do any job. moderator is supposed to delete some posts once in a while, randomly transfer some threads to another forum, warn member thet they will lose membership (in other words they will have to register again with another nick, what nick u thought for urself, roman? 'roman no. 1' seems one choice.

    he is also clearly not popular. when did we ever see anyone congratulating him on b''day, wedding anniversary (gosh! ahmadi, we never expected ur marriage to last for more than 10 days, or some such congratulations) or anything like that.

    i would say some training by naiklarki was needed before he was made moderator. still it is not too late.


      These are all thought provoking points ZZ. I do have some backup nicks like "Guppie formerly known as Roman" (or GFKAR for short).

      The other not-so-moderatorly thing I noticed about this Ahmadi guy is that he doesn't move any threads to the review folder either. So he's not too popular among moderators as well since he doesn't put in his share of the smelly fish.

      The guy is a total nut.


        Rom, and ZZ. Let me first tell you the story of that Bari (a small window, about 16 inch by 16 inch, made of Chitar wood (a type of Pine, indigenous to Swat region of Pakistan). I bought this Window on one of my trips to Swat some 10 years ago. I purchased it from a young Afghan Refugee girl for about $10 (she only asked for 50 cents). She must have not been older than 10, was holding her infant brother in one arm, and window in the other. After buying the window (it is beautiful, and is hand carved), I became interested in finding out what the purpose of such windows is. On my many trips to the northern areas of Pakistan, I never really paid that much attention to small architectural details. My trips mostly involved around smoking pot and just visiting cool places during the hot summers of the Punjab. But now I was interested to learn about the window. This is what I learnt: the small Windows are put in the front of the house, at about stomach level, so the women can open the windows to buy the goods from street vendor who goes door to door selling vegetables and other merchandize (vendor only sees the hands of the women). To keep the women inside is a common cultural norm in that part of the world. I am not trying to be judgmental here, but this is totally ridiculous, and demoralizing.

        The Window reminds me of how my sisters and mothers are locked inside their houses in my country. It will remain on my living room wall to keep reminding me that, until things improve.

        Now back to the topic. Rom has a point. I do have a nutty side to me. I just came back from a 45 min yoga session (soptabatukitasna from soup to nuts) and I feel so good. In terms of not editing and deleting posts, no one really posts much here. If anything, I will be deleting my own posts. If two of you can come and participate here (other than poking fun at me) and share something about your culture, and if you can recommend this section to 2 other people, and they to 2 more, soon we can have some Shughal around here.


          >>>>>>>i would say some training by naiklarki was needed before he was made moderator. still it is not too late.

          ZZ, hum khush heiN ke...

          "hontooN pe aapke hammara naam hi aaye
          aaye tou sahi bar-sar-e-ilzaam hi aaye"

          and idea of giving mods' training is good too.....but i am not gonna do it for free....mera waqt bi qeemti they'll have to pay me extra money for it....


            These 'baaRis' have interesting social role in our culture. I have seen similiar sort of 'concept' applied to some rural Punjab areas.

            In villages, a lot of people make their living by opening small grocery shops adjacent to their homes. They usually remodel or build a small room that opens towards outside in the street and have various grocery stock 'boris' (sacks) or 'kanasters' (cheap metal made urns/vessels/pots/etc). Usually the men work as shopkeepers in those small shops.

            The shops usually have an opening, with a baari that opens inside the house. Women use that baari to pass on lunch or other stuff to their shopkeeper husbands. In this particular case, the use of baari of more for convenience than anything of restrictive nature.

            Sometimes, you can even catch an intriguing glimpse of dukaandar's daughter passing on lunch (I'm sure Ahmadi will know a lot about that).

            And yes, there is always this 'kundi' attached to the baari, no matter where you see it or whatever purpose it is used for.

            PS. Ahmadi yara, I hope poking didn't hurt much.


              roman.. come on aim


                Originally posted by ~Amber~:
                roman.. come on aim
                No Amber, you aim higher.


                  Very intersting stuff about Baris. One of my friends house was on the only busy street in the village. We used to sit inside the chubaara which has a window opening to the street. I would say that was the most fun one could have in that village watching girls and women move around in the galli.

                  waise there are some folk boliyaN in Punjabi about Baris/chubaras/ and ukh mattakka....will share some other time.


                    Originally posted by Roman:
                    No Amber, you aim higher.
                    yeah yeah.. whatever.


                      yar Ahmadi, ay ohi ChannMahi ay ya koi hor ay? Par chudo ji, sanooN ki laina daina paveiN ohi ay ya koi hor

                      Amber, you are so cute.



                        tusi meri mitti paleet karni band karo oye bhanDoo.
                        kinni vaar kiha baba maaf karo...ainna tawa vi nai laiyeda hunda. aaho


                          Chann ji, it hurts even more now that I think about it. LaniyaaN yaariyaaN tay pajna paray paray.


                            aah barf da mausam langh lain de...phir tusi kahoge Channji hunn jao....te main kahaNga nai mere lai bistra vichhao.

                            hia te tusi sache lekin zananiyaN vaangh taahnay mehnay na maaro.


                              >> hia te tusi sache lekin zananiyaN vaangh taahnay mehnay na maaro.

                              Chann ji, tuhaday yar nay tay meiN hooni hooni tanooN call kitee si 3 way (Yes johny, we already know what are gonna say) tay... kadi office che mojod vee hoa karo.

                              Kher chadu, tuhaday nal hasaab tay hoon phone tay hi hoay ga. Tussi baari di kahani tay sunaao.