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love s tory of mirza

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    love s tory of mirza

    hello can some one please give a summary of love story of mirza and what ws the name of his lover .

    Originally posted by kabir:
    hello can some one please give a summary of love story of mirza and what ws the name of his lover .
    which mirza? mirza ghalib? mirza ghulam ahmad?
    P.S. in either case, there were more than one love stories, i believe, so which love story??

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      mirza sahiban?..

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        Are you talking about Mirza & SahibaN story?

        there was a drama on PTV about them...
        I don't remember the story that well now...

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          yes iam talking about mirza sahiban


            I guess the stories goes like, Sahiban falls in love with this guy Mirza.. Sahiban was engaged somewhere else. At her wedding day her friend helps her run away with him.. but they didn't succeed...

            Or did they??




              i am copy pasting this from "apnapunjab"...there r some other punjabi luv legends on dat site...u might wanna check them too....


              "Legend goes that Sahiban, a paragon of beauty falls in love with Mirza . When Sahiban’s parents come to know about their love story , they forcibly try to marry her to someone else . Before her wedding she sends a taunting message to Mirza, through a Bhramin – Kammu and says “ You must come and decorate Sahiban’s hand with the marriage henna . This is the time you have to protect your self – respect and love , keep your promises , and sacrifice your life for truth”. Mirza responds to this message by coming on a horse to take her along . Sahiban brothers get furious and start following them with blood shot eyes and naked swords . Unmindful of this , Mirza and Sahiban halt at a place to relax . Mirza falls asleep . At this juncture Sahiban sees her brothers approaching them . She lands into a state of dilemma - she knows the capability of Mirza and if he strikes his brothers with the arrows . they are sure to die . She never wanted bloodshed . So , Sahiban puts away his bow and arrow on a zand tree . She presumes that on seeing her , her brothers would forgive Mirza and accept him . Unfortunately her presumptions prove wrong and her brothers kill Mirza in cold blood . Seeing the ruthless murder of her beloved , Sahiban picks a sword and kills herself . "


                actually erm... kiyaan aakhaaN, no doubt Mirza JaTT was a true aashiq but isn't he famous because he "did it" with SahibaaN and after that Allah Ta'ala ne duniya te sachhe aashiq paijnay hii band kar ditte sun...that is the version i have heard.
                Issi vaastay o mashoor bol ke "jaddooN aayee MIrzay dee vaaree tay TuTT gayee taRak karkay!" ? Eh?

                Ya hum ahl-e-zabaan ke liye yoon arz kar sakte hain ke choonke Mirza Jatt kay ihsaas kaaboo ki hadd se garezaan ho gaye they lihaza us ne apni mashooqa ke saath hum-bistrii kar lee thee aur chunaanke iss fa'l kay badlay mein khuda-i-buzurg-o-bartar ne iss aalam e faani mein ushaaq bhaijnay ka silsila hi tumaam kardiya tha. wallahu aalam.

                Er.. basically guys Mirza and SahibaaN consumated their love unlike the other famous lovers...or is this just a typical stereotyping of the JaTTs?

                CM? NYA? koi aur??
                is there TRUTH in this story!!!

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                  Actual there has been tales like that about Mirza-SahibaN story.
                  It is belived in Punjab that Mirza by making love to SahibaN had broken the long tradition of pure love that displayed by other couples like Heer-Ranjha, Sassi-PunnoN etc. It is bleived that that is the reason in all other couples' names girl's name comes first and in Mirza-SahibaN's cae Man's name is first. e.g. Heer-Ranjha, Sassi-PunnoN, Sohni-Mahiwal,Sahiti-Murad, SheeriN-Farhad etc girls name is prounced first.

                  Mirza's story is a true story and the last one of all other tales to happen. In fatc I heard that descendents of Mirza(from his first marriage. Yes he was a married middle aged man when he ran away with SahibaN) still exist in Pakistan. Their last names should be Kharal or Khar.


                    Chann jee....I'm really impressed by your love for Punjab, and punjabi culture.

                    Where are u from actually?

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                      Alcapone yar, I am actually from Mars but just happen to love Punjab