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New Indo-Pak partition taking shape in Britain

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    New Indo-Pak partition taking shape in Britain

    A new partition between Indians and Pakistanis is taking shape in Britain, according to the Office of National Statistics here. Figures show that Pakistanis are moving to settle in larger numbers in the north of England while Indians are moving south to London or around.

    The Pakistani population in the north is double that of the Indian population while the Indian population in London is four times that of the Pakistanis, the statistics reveal.

    Overall Indians at around a million are twice the Pakistani population of about half-a-million. The shift in movement of the communities follows a more general overlapping of population distribution earlier, the figures show.

    The latest figures show that the Pakistani population in the north -- Manchester and Yorkshire -- is 229,000 out of a total of 540,000 of Pakistani origin people in Britain. That means that close to half of them live in the north. The Indian population in these areas is 121,000, which means that only about an eighth of them live in these regions.

    While the official statistics do not report this, local council information suggests that within each region, Indians and Pakistanis are moving into different localities. In Bradford within Yorkshire, for example, hardly an Indian family lives in the strongly dominant Pakistani quarter.

    It's a similar story in London's Newham borough. On the other hand there are few Pakistanis in the strongly Indian area of Brent that includes Wembley.

    Borough reports indicate that several Pakistanis are now moving into Southall, still a heavily Indian Punjabi area. Indian families on the other hand are now moving out of Southall. The trend towards separation continues.

    Only in the vast Midlands area, between the north and the south, do Indian and Pakistani populations find some common ground. Here too the trend of moving into separate areas continues. Pakistanis are concentrated in some areas of Birmingham like Sparkbrook while Indians are found concentrated in Leicester's Belgrave area.

    While there is no statistical evidence of this, most Indians and Pakistanis in Britain say there is little or no social contact between the two communities.


    These people are always doing studies like this...they have got too much spare time on their hands.
    Anyways its too sad that Indians and Pakistanis will always have a grudge for each other,Instead of having it for Britain.