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The Paranormal In Our Society

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    The Paranormal In Our Society

    We've all heard stories of witches and jinns.

    People that would otherwise seem meek and inconsequential turning into powerhouses, able to lift and throw four able-bodied men 10 yards without effort.

    Beings that sometimes are controlled by "religious" men/women. Invisible persons that will carry out their master's bidding.....

    Do you believe in them?
    Have you witnessed an event that made you believe?

    Yes Muzna ji, I believe in them.
    I've seen such incidents myself.

    Do you guys believe in black magic?

    Who says nothing is impossible? I've been doing nothing all my life!


      this brought back so many haunting memories.............ya they do exist despite however ignorant you are, its a fact.I have seen some freaky stuff......which is yet to have any other explaination but the existence of the paranormal.

      i have yet to have anyone give me a logical explaination about a dining table lifting straight up and sticking to the roof, then slamming back down, so i remain a believer.

      Humsa: i have seen the chemical components used to make black magic "dalis" or "thelis" which usually consists of cyanide. Dont know about the mystical side.

      I actually met this guy once who claimed to have "kalam ilum" which is very effective and almost never fails him (so he said). I told him to make a "taweez" on me, he refused, which resulted me in just me calling him a he finally agreed. I saw him scribble some junk on the paper and draw a stick figure....and told me that i will be bedstruck by tomorrow........which never is yet to come.I never saw him again.

      oİş°¨¨°şİo LiFe Is An IllUsIoN aNd ReAliTy iS a FiGmEnT oF tHe iMaGiNaIiOn oİş°¨¨°şİo


        kaka black magic exists for sure. And I've seen some freaky incidents. But they are too personal to post them here.
        All I can say is that may Allah save everyone from this "black magic". Ameen.

        Who says nothing is impossible? I've been doing nothing all my life!


          Excellent topic!

          As for my opinion, well I never rule anything out, but I am always a bit sceptical of hearsay stories. A lot of Pakistanis I know who actually live there believe in it though.


            I believe in the paranormal. Growing up in Africa, and the Southern United States, I have seen my share of unexplainables. I have been present at many Voodoo ceremmonies when I was living near New Orleans, and last year on a visit to cousins took me to witness an exorcism in a rural village. I have never been as scared in my life.


              Guys black magic is very common, especially in Pakistan...4 months ago when I was preparing to leave for US, my mom found something strange right at the bottom of a drawer in my room. Since we had just shifted in to this house, I was sure that I had not put this thing in my room, and no member of my household had any idea about it....
              It was nothing but strips of paper joined together with God knows what?? No tape, no adhesive...And on the strips strange symbols or alphabets were written.
              My mom told me that it was a tawees, and since she would be going to Pakistan in a few weeks she would show it to a maulvi, to confirm what it was actually. We found out that someone was doing black magic on us and this tawees had been put in my room by someone who visits us frequently.......





                  Yes, jinns do exist. Some times they can control a human being and sometimes a human can control them.

                  I was in Mosque few months back and I asked the qari about jinns, and how does one control it. He told me to control a jinn, you have to allots of hard things, called "chilley kaatna" and sometimes you have to go as far as eating your own feces. [disgusting] Once you start this process of controlling them, there is not point of return.

                  *V~V~V*He came, He saw, He conquered*V~V~V*
                  -_-_-_-Priest_-OF- _Painful Truth-_-_-_-


                    Salaam guys,
                    Facinating thread- like what i used to talk to my cousins about late at night on the kothi of our house in Pakistan...
                    About summoning and controlling the jinn, and by referring you too the book on Fundamentals of Tawheed (the oneness of Allah) by Dr Bilal Philips i can say that summoning the jinn requires an act of shirk or extreme disgustingness like eating one's own faeces, which the evil jinn like and notice when they are passing you. To further the Human being in shirk they then appear to do what the human commands them to do (shirk is the greatest sin) and this is how the shayateen are successful in suckering bad muslims.
                    About controlling them totally- be reminded that only hazrat sulaimaan (RA) was given full power over the jinn, and according to hadith the prophet (SAW) once sensed a jinn spitting on him when the Beloved of Allah was praying Fajr, and was about to tie him to the pillar of the masjid when he remembered that only Hazrat Sulaiman had been given the honor of being able to control the Jin.
                    May allah forgive me for any error in what i have written
                    (please check out the book above and the hadith in sahih Bukhari or muslim)


                      i do believe in jinns, but i am not sure u can actually summon them!?

                      There had been few incidences with my friends where jinns scared the hell out of them and battered them.


                        Hmm..... Jinns do exist (its in the Quran as well),

                        however its an all and all bad idea to start controlling them, or to use them for freaky things.

                        Then again jinns are like humans, i.e. of two types. Good and bad. The bad ones means they are naughty... and are prone to pranks. So sometimes these freaky things which you all mention can happen, without any human involvement.

                        When moulvis mention that you can control jinns, they are usually referring to good jinns. I dunno why on earth would someone want to control a jinn....?

                        It seems that these jinns seek out deserted places to make their home. So in case you are entering a deserted place or an empty house, make sure to recite sura-e-falq and sura-e-naas before entering. These are recommended to fight of evil spirits.

                        Anyway, coming to magic... yes yes yes. Its there, though magicians are cursed. This does not include card magic or illusions...right?

                        Behrhaal, its a good idea to stay away from these things, and those who claim to control these things. Bad idea.


                          Originally posted by Hum Sa Ho To Samne Aaye:
                          kaka black magic exists for sure. And I've seen some freaky incidents. But they are too personal to post them here.
                          All I can say is that may Allah save everyone from this "black magic". Ameen.

                          BLACK MAGIC EXISTS....I SURE AS HELL KNOW IT!
                          standing alone on a street of broken dreams


                            mujh se ziada koun jaan sukta hai Black Magic ke baray mein!....

                            aao bacho sunno kahani..

                            naam ka hi ^DerVaisH^ nahin..
                            kaam ka bhi ^DerVaisH^ hoon..