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Kawn kya kuch parH raha/rahi hai? Wadda you readin'?

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    Kawn kya kuch parH raha/rahi hai? Wadda you readin'?

    Hi all Gupporians!
    [that makes you all sound like some weird alien race from star trek...!! sorry!!]

    so, on a fun note aap log aaj kal kya parH rahe hain?

    I like to have a few books on the go at once...
    tau i am reading these:

    1. Gabriel's Wing--the works of Allama Sir Muhammad Iqbal by Prof. Anne-Marie Schimmel

    2. Reconstruction of Religious Thought in Islam--Allama sahib in English [read half of opening chapter: aap ki ingrezi ka standard bahut aala tha wah! mazza aa gya--and an astonishing grip on western philosophy..]

    3.Javid-namah --allama sahib's Farsi book transl. into English by A J Arberry. A masterpiece. [I am also learning Farsi so soon I shall be able to read the original insha Allah ]

    4. Angry White Pyjamas--funny sports book about a guy in Japan trying to learn aikido. true story.

    5.Delta of Venus --Anais Nin. Classical feminist collection of short stories about sexual awakening in Paris. [b][bacchoN keliye nahin!!] [/b ]
    (the writing is very elegant and stylish)

    6. The Poem of the Way (Nazam as Suluk)-- Shaykh Ibn Farid (rahmatullah alayhi.) Trans. by A J Arberry --classis Arab sufi poem. a legendary masterpiece. loses a lot in translation but still wonderful...

    Also just got Tropic of Cancer by Henry Miller today but haven't started it yet...

    !! phew!!

    so should finish these all soon...

    what about you? What are you reading?

    I just started Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance.....bought it years ago but couldn't start it.

    Unfortunately with so much other reading to be done in Ramzan, it's gonna be a slow process.


      1. Quran

      2. fazaail-e-a'maal

      3. qasas-ul-unbiya

      aaj kal tou yahi hei...

      ps. u mind if i transfer this thread to Art N Lit??
      ps2. on a 2nd thought, i think u won't


        For the Love of a Child by Betty Mahmoody

        it picks up from the end of her earlier book and sheds a light on child abduction cases and what the governments are doing

        there is even a Pakistan case in there that the woman eventually won



          After reading Iqbal's Reconst...... it would be better to read the two:

          1. Islam at the Cross Road by Muhammad Asad

          2. Islam & the West by Syed Abul Hassan Ali Nadvi

          I know, No. 2 doesn't belong to your 'school of thought' but it gives u the practical exposure of Iqbal's Recons......



            Nadeem bhai--I'll read the book by Muhammad Asad soon insha Allah...
            about nadwi sahib's book---i'm sure it is good but unkii kitabein parHne ko jee nahin is hard to explain...when you have read Ghalib then why would you want to read a much lesser poet? Jab Ala Hazrat kii shireen-bayaanii ka zaaiqa lay liya ho tab kissi aur ko parHne ko jee hii nahin chaahata jab tak woh ussee paaye ka na ho...


              MUZNA !!!
              I have applied for my won little "profile thingy" you know like aap "maasi museebataaN" hain ages ago aur abhi nahin mila


                Asif....send me an email with the title....we're waaaaaaay behind on stuff like titles and icons.....sorry.