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    Punjabi Film - ChooRhiyaN

    I heard a lot about this punjabi movie being a good flick. So many people recommended it on net that I was looking for it for a long time. Finally I found a Video-CD set(3 CDs, Video CD is better than Tape but worse than DVD in quality) of this movie and bought the only set the storekeeper had.

    It is a good Punjabi movie which shown me some aspects of the Pakistani Punjabi culture that I did not understand well before. It showed the rural Punjabi life very well. The homes, the village, the farms etc were REAL as compared to made up ones in some Indian movies. In fact the home it was filmed in (70%), the settings of things, layout of chauNka/rasoee, the windows, doors, walls, the khooh, the nalqa, the tokka, animal shed and many other things reminded me of our home the way it when I was a little kid. The language, the attire and behaviour of characters was very Punjabi and I am pleased to see this movie. I would recommend it to all. Hard to find in USA but now that Video CD is out I am sure our creative desis will make sure that every desi store in USA has a tape of this movie for rental

    Now I come to the topic of Mammoo's daughter and Phuphee's son. This movie involved the love story of these two characters......Bakhtoo and Bhillo. I know muslims are allowed to marry with in the family but does glorifying such behaviour(of having love affairs with cousins/within family) such a good thing from cultural point of view? Or may be the movie is portraying the real cultural norms. Is it very common? Doesn't it create lot of problems in families since mostly cousins live together and meet and mingle with each other as they are family members. In my part of the Punjab Hindus and Sikhs don't marry with in the families and your cousins are supposed to be your brothers and sisters. Even thinking about such behaviour is discouraged although I know cases where distant(3rd/4th) cousins have fell in love.depending upon the relationship structure some of them were allowed to marry while for others it was totally forbidden. I am not saying that one set of beahviour is better than the other. I just want to know what kind of problems this causes or solve?

    I would like to hear our friends thoughts on this issue. What are their experiences in this regard and how they see it.

    This is a serious topic for me as from my observations of Punjabi culture this is one of the only and major cultural differences(other than jhatka vs halaal which In my view is mminor issue) between Muslim and Sikhs and Hindu Punjabis which is in confrontation with each others social traditions/behaviour.

    hmmm Chan ji cousin marriage ko mairay kheyal main mujh say bahter kon samjhay gaa jab k mairi 8 main say 6 bhabiyan cousins hainlakin 6 ka or baqi 2 ka experience tottly diffrent hay,yay baat bhi nahi k 6 jou hain wou un donu say achi hain lakin her koee apni personality main kuch achayee kuch burayee rakhti hain jaisa k hum khud rakhti hain.
    haan iss k nuqsaan or faeday yani k cousin marriage main zaroor hain,main itni cousin marriage daikh chuki hoo k apnau bachou k leay sochti hoo k cousin main nahi karoo gi lakin ager bachay nay khud kaha tou roukoo gi nahi,
    now topic ki tarf aeyn,faeday..hmmm sab say pahla faeda tou yay hay k cousin ake doosray ko janta hain kisi na kisi hawalay say wou ake doosray k leay bilkul blank image nahi rakhtay,iss leay after marriage understanding asaani hou jati ,family background samnay houta hay iss leay ake doosray ki ghaltio ko or achayian burayan jald qabool ker laitay hain or deehaan rakhtay hain k ghalut qadm uthanay say kon kon saa relation kharab hou sakta hay,or iss terha familes k silslay nasl der nasl chalnay main asani houti hay,
    bhaya nuqsaan bhi bohut hay heheheh ake doosray ko tang karnay main sab say zeada cousin hi ka haath houta hay jald hi tanaa mil jata hay k hum tou pichli nasl say jantay hain k tum aisay houor kabhi kabhaar koee beemari bhi muntaqi hou jati hay

    normelly family main shadee main sirf ake shadee hi nhai houti bulkay kisi doosray ki zimadaree kam karnay main bhi aa jata hay,jab k hamray waha image nahi hay dating kaa tou yay tareeqa waha kaam daita hay or abhi tak kamyabi say chal raha hay,maira kheal hay main nay kaafi baat clear ker dee hay:0


      Went to see this movie at the cinema's...
      it's really good....


        Yes that is quite a good Punjabi movie and it's got some nice songs as well.

        The good thing about that film is that it doesn't try to gloss up village life, the dialogue, the comedy, the characters are all very believable. No Bobbys or Pinkys here, just Bakhto, Billo, Chaudhurys and Nais...

        As for the topic of Mammoo's daughter and Phuphee's son, again, this is an honest portrayal of real life in Pakistani Punjab. There are a lot of cousin marriages in Pakistan because it is not against islamic teachings. I can't really say if people feel uncomfortable about it there because I haven't lived there long enough. it doesn't seem like such a great idea from the outside, but I've a feeling that people over there think differently.

        Cousins are definitely looked on differently than brothers and sisters, necessarily so because of marriage possibility. City folk might have changed their thinking according to new zamana but Paindoos in Pakistan live in a world of their own.

        I definitely recommend Pakistanis (and Indians who want to step out of their silver screen fantasy world) should watch this film. It's a good story and you won't see anything like it from Bollywood. Forget about Ashwairya and Karishma dancing in their lycra spandex to a thumping disco beat and go back in time to watch Billo (Saima) milking cows, marvel at Bakhto's passion when calling calling his Maami a churail, gasp agog as the Nai's wife runs off with the Chaudhury and thrill to the obligatory OTT limb-slashing fight scenes at the end of the film.

        Get the nachos out


          Thanks BBG and Xtreme for your replies.
          Xtreme mentioned that city folks might have changed their outlook on cousin marriages which I believe is probably true. Now the question is that Is the new media/TV/Movies and westernization changing paindoo people's perceptions on the issue? I know the new age media has effected people's views on such issues on our side of Punjab. For example, In Sikh community it was a total no no to marry a girl/boy of the same village let alone your first cousins because usually jat sikhs of one village belonged to the same clan/tribe. That is changing fast and there are cases of marriages within small villages. People are starting to look it with a different perspective.
          The fact that people are changing their views on marrying in the family or within village because they have moved to cities or foreign lands or got educated and are not paindoos anymore, means that these customs don't have anything secret about them but it was the convenient social order which more and more people don't feel comfortable in this age and time.

          BBG, 8 bhabis?? tuhade abba ji di himmat di daad dainee pavegi