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    raja gidh

    I heard about this novel by Bano Qudsia a lot from Urdu readers on this forum. I was browsing through our local library's languages section and was surprised to find it there. phir kiya tha, I checked it out and started reading it last night. My reading pace is very slow but fortunately it is written in very simple Urdu and Punjabi background of the story, my guess as I have read only first 3 pages.
    Bapu ji's pre-47 schooling and Roman's dictionary present are coming handy

    Chann ji I'll wait anxiously to hear your critique of the novel after you are done reading it.


      i loved the novel the first time....
      then re-read it.......achi tu abhi bhi bohat hai magar pehlay wala maza nahi aayaa.....



        The Government college and Lawrence garden mentioned there are now entirely changed. I wish they wouldn't have changed the old gardens of college and Lawernce Garden (now Baghe Jinnah). I didn't like, nor Government college neither Lawrence garden when I visited them earlier this year.

        Rajah Gidh, thats an interesting peace of literature. There are two stories running simultaneously, Raja Gidh and Seemi's. Raja Gidh's story is logical.

        Anyway, let us know how much did u like it when u finish the novel.


          damn it!!

          I wanna read it too!


            ohooooo yeh aik novel hi jaan nahiN chorr raha abhi tak logoN ki!!

            yaar chann mahi, novell kamm aur bano qudsiya ji ka falsfa zyaada hai!!

            "aur aakhir maiN jeet hero ki hui!!!!"

            janab!! parrho aur jiyo!!

            beyond the horizont°°°my heart gone


              Nahee Aashik, jeet hero kee nahee hogee. But I remember one sentence of this novell and that is,

              "Dil tak paunhanchnay ka raasta jism main say ho kar nahee jata".

              The path to reach the heart of a person doesn't go through the body.

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                Originally posted by Najim:

                "Dil tak paunhanchnay ka raasta jism main say ho kar nahee jata".

                hahahahhaha kissi Physician ko yehi aqalmand qism ka fiqrah kaho jaa kar!

                chalo hero nahiN to hero ka bacha to jeetay ga na!!!

                beyond the horizont°°°my heart gone


                  Ok I admit I am reading very slow. This is my first urdu book for God's sake so don't make fun but help me with pronunciation and meanings of following words.
                  Roman yar your dictionery is being very helpful but I am too lazy to dig 'em up


                  I will add more later.
                  I find Pro. Shameel and Seemi's story more intersting than the jungle philosophy;-)


                    No problem Chann ji. Here are meanings:

                    Mehtaaf ---> Sorry, didn't understand this one

                    Imakanaat ----> Chances (of something happening)

                    touaqab? ------> pursuit (act of following somebody as if accompanying or spying on)

                    saghaf ----> big hole

                    taqreeb ----> a function, or party or occasion of celebration, get-together etc.