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    punjab guide

    friends i will be visiting punjab. indian punjab in january i would like to know if there are many muslim places and cities in punjab which i can visit and also tell me,
    please any of my indian punjabi friends guide me and also let me know if there is any indian punjabi in this forum.
    which are the places i must visit?


    I think u should contact ChannMahi, he might be of any help. Otherwise internet would be helpfull. If u need any assistance in Pakistani punjab then let me know and I might be of any help.


      haan bai Kabir sahib Punjab chale ne wah ji wah dhannbhaag ne saaday.
      There are many things of iterest to see in Punjab but it depends upon an individual what his purpose or area os interest is.

      Here are some places you should try to visit.

      1. Golden Temple, Amritsar. when you visit don't worry about someone stoping you from wandering around anywhere in the complex. Non-Sikhs sometimes make their visits too short and don't see and observe everything. DO that.

      2. Jallian wala baagh where Gen. Daiyer killed thousands of Himdus/sikhs/muslims in April 1919. It s only 200 meters away from Golden Temple. Also have a walk aorund in the androon amritsar shehar and then when you visit Lahore you will notice so many similarities. In Amritsar we have a Lahori gate(it actualy does face Lahore), I wish Lahore had one called Ambarsari gate

      3. Numerous palaces and baaghs in Patiala related to Sikh Maharaja of Patialas.

      4. Rural Punjabi museum, Punjab Agriculture University Ludhiana. It is must see if you are interested in Punjabi culture of before 100 years

      5. Rock Garden in Chandigarh. It is amazing how they have made things out of colorfull rocks. ( if you are a single man go to Sector 17 for a walk in the market and cinemas area

      6. Pinjore Garden it is outside of Chandigarh and actuall fall in Haryana. But it is worth seeing. Also has a zoo.

      7. Go to Nangal and see Bhakhra dam. It is a beautiful scenary driving to it.

      8. As muslim, go to Malerkotla, Ahmadgarh area to see how your Muslim brothers are living in harmony as Punjabis with sikhs and hindus. I always love visiting Malerkotla, it is like visiting Punjab of pre-1947 but better and prosperous.

      Other than that there are plenty other places but visiting India and Pakistan as a tourist is different than visiting europe or hawaii. In India and Pakistan you don't need to go to Museums and other monuments to see the art and culture, it is live and thriving on the roads and markets.