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    Sochta Hoon ...............

    Yeh Dunia Kia Se Kia Ho Chali

    Recently I was invited to couple of marriages here in UK. I could not beleive my eyes when I read this on Invitiation card. "No Gifts........Cash only".

    These invitations were from Pakistani's living in UK and so of them are quite wealthy as well.

    That makes me thinking..Yeh kia ho raha hai Jahan main???

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    yaaar insaaniat

    It is practised in other groups and other countries as well.

    There is a logic behind it. In US people go for wedding registry and local department stores and select all the things that they want for their house and all. This works wonderful because I know that I can get them something that they would want and not just something that will be destined to live in a store room until its thrown out or passed on.

    People say its the thought that counts, but what thought exactly is behind something that someone picked from a dollar store

    If I get something that I dont want, or need, or like.. you just wasted your money, however sincere you were in buying that gift.

    So would it not make sense to just give cash, so the couple can buy what they need for their new life together?

    Desis here keep giving the same gifts. picture frames, vases, silver sets, cologne/perfume sets etc.. I usually pass them on, because they dont match our decor..there are only so many vases or picture farmes u can fit in a house and ummm i am very picky about which colognes i wear.

    When I got married, we did not have time to do a wedding registry plus some elders were against it, as a result I kid you not I got atleast 9-10 of those Mr Coffee brand coffeee makers, and tons of stuff that is still in box and packing sitting in the basement of my inlaws house because, we have no use for such stuff. All I can do is give it to other people getting married ahahah or pass it to people in Pakistan as gifts.

    So as much as the concept of giving money seems strange. I think this is the right thing to do if not doing a weding registry.

    Anyone want coffeemakers? I think I still have a few lying around.
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