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A Future Perfect?

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    A Future Perfect?

    Assalammu Alaikum everybody...

    I want to ask everybody to look at this subject in its broadest context...

    What do you think about the issue of globalisation? As in economics?

    Is it more good than bad? Or is it more bad than good?

    I'm also very interested in all of your opinions ( honest! ) about Pakistan's future in this regard. How do you think it will affect Pakistan from sociological and cultural perspectives...

    Do you think it will change it for the better or for worse...?

    Please give specific reasons and not just yes and no answers... as there exists no better
    conversation stopper than those two replies.

    Your discussion and input would be most appreciated... honest!

    I want to see if this post is successful before commiting my replies onto paper...

    ...if it is a flop, then what else do you really expect me to do?

    They shoot partypoopers, don't they?