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Wanted - easy recipes!

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    Wanted - easy recipes!


    i'm looking for some easy recipes, ones that dont involve too many ingredients and dont take much time to cook (but still taste good ). veg, non-veg, anything..

    also, what kind of stuff can i cook in a microwave oven? can i use it for any desi foods?
    Simple ain't easy.

    aray queet miaaaan...hum nay bolaaa ..

    adaaab arz hai, aap wapis aa gaye

    anyways here is a recipe that someone told me and it actually works well.

    take a potato, cut it into slices...put it in a bowl with some oil (preferably olive) and add spices...salt, red pepper, garlic and black pepper. mix it up, cover it and nuke it for 5 minutes.

    usually was pretty good.
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      its not a nuke recipe but somfin my bro Mr blackzero perfected during college years.

      if ya got the right ingredients this recipe is a no brainer.

      pre-fried onions can buy packs
      ginger and garlic paste
      curry powder
      spicy v8 or spicy bloody mary mix.

      stuff everything into a pot and cook for 30 mins on medium heat.

      das a lazy person's chicken qorma
      The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


        and u know what...substitute the chicken with minced beef and u got qeema qorma

        a few yrs ago, i loved making tamaater ka saalan! yes..strange as it may sound

        toss onions, tomatoes, garlic, green chillies, and ur spices (salt, pepper, ginger, all spice etc.) add water and bring it to a boil. and let cook for about 15-21 min. when it starts to look like pasta sauce except ur tomatoes are still somewhat's done!

        i dunn understand why i used to eat that stuff.

        you can always take that a step further and add chopped up chicken into that and cook it further. u'll end up with some sort of a chicken karrahi.


          Hey Queer,
          go for peanut butter & jam toast with a glass of milk for lunch even. Fast, ez, & not messy -- for bz students in particular.


            Queer, good to see you man. Here is an easy one:

            2, Chicken Breasts without skin (ideally boneless), little Flour, 2 Eggs, Oil

            Beat two eggs in a plate, put flour in a plate.

            1. Dip Breast in Flour, dip in eggs, back in flour for one more coat
            2. Fry Breast in hot oil in a frying
            3. Remove when golden brown. Put breast on paper towel to absorb oil.

            Where are you?


              queer is in western US now.
              he is hiding his whereabouts otherwise Roman may show up there
              The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                Queer me ol' mucker,

                Here's a tasty recipe to tantalise your taste buds and it can be prepared in a jiffy!

                I call it 'pomme a la magnifique~'

                1. Take 2 apples
                2. Peel carefully, taking care not to strip any flesh from the fruit.
                3. Cut into segments of 6/8.
                4. Arrange on a plate in a circular pattern, taking care to leave space in the centre.
                5. Place a fresh grape in said space to complete garnish.




                  Fraudzzzz!! thanx man, shall be trying it out soon. anything with potatoes is pretty hard to screw up. btw, didnt know blackzero was your bro!

                  hayaa ma'am, i've been surviving on spaghetti and tomato sauce for a week now, and tomato saalan sounds divine! thanx!

                  kohal!! howdy! toast is fine during really busy times, but i need something more spicy..

                  NYA, nice and quick one there.. how are affairs at NYC? i'm in calif.

                  Xtreme!! missed you a lot, man. your recipe sux coz it involves a lot of manual labor! who's gonna skin an apple? duh! ;-)
                  Simple ain't easy.


           (goto recipes)
           (goto recipes)

                    I think, this is enuf.


                      Check out
                      for easy recipes.


                        put some water in a pan and warm it up till it boils. Do a few eggs in it and boil them for a few min.
                        All u need now is some nimmak and march.

                        yaar. i couldnt think of something else. This is the major thing i know, so i thought to share the half of my cooking knowledge with you

                        Next time i'll learn u to make pancakes, and this will make you an all-rounder like me.
                        You will be able to take care of urself all over the world!

                        If you like to know more regarding cooking, do not hesitate to contact me.


                          queer mian...microwave oven main cooking k special bag miltay hain uss main steak,fish fillet,chicken breast easily cook hou jati hay,or max time 10 min hay,spices main jinger paste and garlic paste zaroor houni chaheay and chilli paste her jagha mill jati hay bas in teenou cheezou ka kamal daikho or haan namak dalna na bhoolna.prawns dish with all those spices mairi fav hay lakin iss ko chilli oil k saath pan main lightly cook kerna houta hay prawns normelly 3 min main ready hou jatay hain zeada pakanay say plastic ban jaey ga,


                            My biraadar in Hindu, you say,

                            "veg, non-veg, anything.."
                            Did I read that correct, or did I read that correct!!!

                            No wonder there was a Earthquake your way this morn!
                            Consider this as a Mild warning from Bhagvaan ji!!!
                            How's California treating ya? Hope you are having fun!!


                              Pasta with White Sauce

                              If I can do this anyone can coz I seriously cant cook!

                              Boil your pasta.

                              White Sauce:
                              1 tbs butter in a hot pan, add 2 tbs flour to the melted butter, mix it will, then add lots of milk, and keep stirring until u get a nice consistency. You can add more milk if it gets too thick. Then add lots of cheese and cream if u have it.
                              Season with salt, pepper or even thyme and basil.

                              To this sauce u can add chicken, mushrooms, anything!

                              Tastes divine with the pasta. Preferably fucilli or penne.
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