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Umm.. NO!! Not Desi..

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    Umm.. NO!! Not Desi..

    Most of you already know where I am gonna go with this thread but here's the little background info.

    Recently, this acquaintance of mine had some car trouble. Since this dude was new in town, he called me up and asked for a shop to take his car to. I told him that I know of a desi shop near his place of residence and he's the only desi mechanic in town. The dude says
    "nahi nahi.. eik dafah uss key paas giya to woh mujhey loot lay ga."
    What is up with the thought process here?

    p.s. after getting the estimate from the amrikaan mechanic, the dude finally had the car fixed from the desi mechanic. Difference was $500.

    I think there is no difference between the two.. Desi mechanic would do the same as the Amrikan mechhanic would have done too ... Just ke.. Amrikan mechanic bata kar loot'ta aur Desi mechanic begair batay loot leta.. Aur Amrikan mechanik sath mai aik bill bhi deta..

    That's the only difference between the two..


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      Its not just about desi mechanics vs. amrikaan mechanics. Its also not just about desi cabbie, or desi doctor or desi anybody. Its about dealing with each other, especially in a foreign land.

      I don't think its so hard to figure out that we only succeed when we help others around us succeed. How do get there? Well, the first building block is trust. Trusting the notion that when I ask desi for help or give him my business, it won't cost me an arm and a leg.


        Biggest thing is that you view people using your past experiences.

        So if you had been cheated a few times by desis in whatever profession or service, you may be more skeptical about going to a desi person. Its kinda like racism for your own kind based on stereotypes either developed by own experiences or from others' narrations.
        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


          daymmm u guyz make desis sound liek the most honest ppl around.. .. on the contrary i think nobody would disagree that desis usually rip u off and eat ur heart out 9 out of 10 times.. so is this really racism against our own kind or just being extra careful in dealing with ppl ?? now wouldnt u also be skeptical in going to any race if they do that to you ?? damnit as much as i hate to say it WE ARE CHEATERS !!! now once again not everyone but most desi ppl u will come across with here or in pakistan for that reason will even take ur boxers off if given a chance.. ;-)) my appologies to ppl who dont wear boxers for not including them .. ;-)) but hey u dont know what u r missing .. ;-) .. did i miss the point completely ???

          Don't love everybody--specialize.. ;-)


            I agree fraudz.. Its based on past experiences. That why I understand the thought process here when the dude wants to avoid the desi business.

            I wish we can all work on the attitudes regarding putting faith in our own fellow countrymen. Wishful thinking but I guess we try to do our part.


              I find myself saying this more and more often........

              I can't wait until we can start dealing with our own generation. I mean, our own generation desis that have grown up in similar circumstances. Perhaps then we'll be able to trust a bit more...


                Well generation gap does make a bit of difference but not much because the tricks of business are learnt from the older generations by the younger generation.