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Anniversary Gifts (or lack of them)

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    Anniversary Gifts (or lack of them)

    Guys & Gals:

    How many of you have conveniently (or inconveniently) forgotten to acknowledge important events like wedding anniversaries, your sig others b'day etc. How did your sig other react??

    I know my husband suffers from amnesia a couple of times in a year like on our wedding anniversary, my birthday or any other times when an exchange of gifts is in order. Since his amnesia is incurable, I don't wait for him to get me gifts. Instead I treat myself to gifts on my birthday, his birthday, his mothers birthday his uncle's birthday blah.blah,blah..The bill goes to him of course. He hasn't complained about it yet, so for now the bonanza continues. I had expected that the credit card bills will cure his amnesia, but so far the treatment has been ineffective. He simply does not believe in giving or receiving gifts.

    So what would you do if you found yourself in a similar situation.

    Personally, I avoid birthdays, both mine and others. I usually don't tell people my birthday, nor do I accept any gifts. However, I do greet people for weddings, graduations etc.

    I have no idea how I'm gonna handle the anniversary thing, but right now my guess is I probably won't celebrate them either, unless of course, I would get into trouble for that

    I think whatever suits one. For some, anniversary is a big day and for others, well, I don't know about others.


      An anniversary is just another day. My anniversary is my husband's anniversary, yet he remembers and does something small yet nice - a bunch of flowers, a plant, dinner out, etc. I never know what to ask for, and sometimes he asks me what I want. I never understand what to give or make for him, but I still make attempts.
      Not that there aren't things I want but I know that they aren't really important - they are just things. Year after year of love, care thoughtfulness, trust, this is my anniversary gift. And no gift could ever make up for my not having them. There really are things money can't buy!



        Sentiments aside, won't you like to receive a surprise gift once in a while, even though it doesn't indicate the degree of love and affection from the giver to the taker. I think it is just fun to do so. My love for my husband is not any less just because he doesn't believe in gifts...but it might add a little more color in life wouldn't you say??


          Surprises are lovely! my favourite is when he comes home and says, OK, there is this great new movie running and I'm home early so that we can eat/feed the children and go.


            As much as I believe that thoughts and words are more important than material items....I must say that a gift often serves the purpose of reminding the receiver of a specially nice time. A time when they felt loved and thought of.

            Even if it's something small and seemingly a photo frame....the receiver will for ages remember who gave it to him, when and how it was delivered and of course, why.

            Anniversaries and birthdays are important to me.....they always have been and always will be...I have yet to figure out why.

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