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    Desi Cursing

    Cursing is an art form in the sub-continent. In fact in some more rural parts it is almost said as casually as please or thank you. I don't know if I came from a particularly crude family, but the relatives on my father's side are particularly good in this department. My mother's relatives, on the other hand are much more toffee-nosed.

    I think desi cursing is pretty much up there with the best. It can involve family members, farmyard animals, different castes - just about anything and everyone you could care to imagine.

    These curses can be delivered either maliciously, in which case they are very effective and extremely wounding, or they can be delivered almost affectionately, in which case they should not be taken literally, but in the right spirit.

    Of course, being Xtremely well-mannered and highly sensitive, I don't use this language myself. This is just a general post about the actual practice/art of cursing in Pakistan.

    Your XXXtremely Respectful
    Mr Xtreme

    ...the final go where no man has gone before...

    Finally here is something that Xtreme and I can agree upon. Not only cursing, as Xtreme suggests, an art form, but it is the main, and perhaps most basic element of Punjabi language. Linguistically, all Indo-European languages have various elements that make up a sentence. In Punjabi a curse counts for Noun, Verb, adjective, bridge, and all the rest of it. For example, “O teri MaN….”, in this instance, MaN can be a Noun, a Verb, an Adjective, or simply your Mom.

    The discussion about other foundational stuff that makes Punjabi the greatest language of the world, is too complex to get into. I am personally thankful to Mr. Xtrteme, MaN da TeeNda, for raising awareness of the Punjabi language. I will support any such movement to support the use of curses in all contexts.

    I always have supported the linguistic diversity of our nation, and I hope that Punjabi is not corrupted by these MaN dey CHolay influences that we have imported from all kinds of MaaN-duG nations.

    We need to focus our efforts to make sure that the Listening Comprehension, Speaking, Reading, and Writing of Punjabi are given the crucial attention by the Government of Pakistan.

    TuHadi Sub Di MaaN Nu Allah KhusH Rakhay!


      Oye New Yark da Ullu ka Pattah,

      Sahi gal keethi, gaalaN kadniyaN Punjabi vich e maza aandaN.

      Punjabi was designed for casual cursing although I am sure the inventiveness of desi gaaliyaN is echoed in all dialects.

      The endearing quality of a crotchety Thaaiya inadvertently insulting himself with curses like, "oye tu kissay thaaN da khothay da putt" is pretty hard to beat for sheer entertainment value.

      All my Father's side were good for inventing new and eye-popping curses threats. My dear old chaachi (although she wasn't that old at the time) would threaten me with "maiN teray haddiyaN te loon laoNgee" (I will put salt on your bones), which to a young boy can sound pretty terrifying - and fascinating - at the same time.

      They just don't make 'em like dat any more


        hadyean tay loon lawaan gi heheheheheh kabhi nahi suna...heheheh

        oh khair Tuhadeee...khair howay


          My take on the topic is that if take away these expressions from Punjabi, then you might as well not speak it anymore... there is nothing left in it.

          And what is this light stuff you guys are posting, huh? My favorites are:

          1- &%$$*$ ^%##*&

          2- @@##$% *&^%% *^&^*^*

          3- **^^% @@@*&


          4- &%$$#@ **&^%%$ &&%^%%&^% *&^^&%&## %%%#@^

          (That last one is very eloquently well-crafted, I love Punjabi imagination)


            why is it that desi cursing often informs the recepient of the originators illicit affairs with certain female members of the
            recepient's family.

            I mean I have seen ppl family and infact would not want anything of a funky nature with them.

            do women do the same? do they curse each other out by claiming that they had certain short term allainces with the male members of the counterpart's family?

            hmmmmm how do women curse?
            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


              Fraud Yara, women are the best (or worst) when it comes to cursing (cursing is not such a bad thing in my opinion). The best and most visually pleasing and entertaining scenes are often seen on rooftops of houses in Old City neighborhoods. MaiaaN (ladies) will curse the hell out of each other for simple matters. A simple thing could be that “when you JhaRoo (sweep dirt) on your rooftop, all the dust ends up on my side”. After a few nice curses it is hard to distinguish between rooftop and one’s certain body part. It is a riot.

              Mid-aged, recently menopaused MaiaaN are notorious for this.

              On an academic level, there are various levels of Punjabi cursing: starting with PG13 (borderline R) to about XXXXXXX.

              It is such a part of our culture that I have seen Bazurg cursing even when they are just about to go for Nimaz.

              I love it when an old lady curses. It sounds so noble.

              I totally agree with Roman that in Punjabi without cursing it is very hard to convey a message and it looses its meaning.


                Well I like this topic. I think in punjabi not only Galian are juicy, the idioms are also funny

                1. Kisay Da Tale(Oil) nahin Bulda Tay Kisay Da Mutur(Urine) Peya Bulda Aey.

                2. Phisi Phisi Loomaree (FOX)....... Tay Pudan(Fart) Da Swaad. ( I don't know if I said it right).

                I know I have a advantage of using both Urdu and Punjabi when cursing. Some time Urdu has better words than Punjabi and sometime Punjabi looks like unbeatable. Some times laaloo Khatee language is as bad as punjabi is.

                1. Abey o Bhu%&*&(*())( Kay
                2. Bh&*%* Ch^%* D%&^*&&
                3. Teri Bh%*&^(^ Ko Teri Maan kay (Never Mind)

                or I liked the cursing done in movie The Good The Bad and The Ugly.

                You Son of Thousand Fathers.


                  Johny Yara. Yes Punjabi Mohawray are also quite fulfilling:

                  Here are a couple for you:

                  “Sadi Dhoi tay Shahdara bana raey oo?” (Are you trying to make Shahdara on my Dhoi? Meaning - are you trying to take advantage of me?)

                  “Hukaa vi toR geya tay Mangni Vi …. Geya” (he not only broke my Huka, he also made off with my Malangni (female Fakir).

                  There are a few more that are not appropriate to mention. May be in Chat room sometime.


                    kujh nai haal tuhada vi.

                    NYAhmadi varge de chitRaN te rukh ugg ayea....sharminda hon di bazaye kehNda, changa hoyea chhaveiN baiheya karaNge

                    ugliest one I ever heard was about halwai da unn(food) and an ugly analogy with a dog's sex parts and sex life....damn that is so true too;-)


                      oh man,

                      ( this post may be offensive to some people, has moderate adult language)
                      now this is so intresting... punjabi swearing is endearing.. in some streets in Lahore, you can be an outcast cuz you don`t swear, so you hold back, and thus are a liar... or a snob ( which is worse)

                      idioms... i remember a few...

                      soochi piya tay banda giya
                      "he who thinks is gone"
                      =>original version of the Nike slogan "just do it"
                      this is one that can be used for anything from urging a fellow to go up and talk to a girl, to getting a person standing next to you with a stocking on his head as a signal to enter the bank.

                      parayay lan tay shadara veikhna
                      "to go see shadara on someone elses penis"
                      => okay, this is difficult to explain. to take someones car and prtend its yours... to dance with your friends babe of a girl friend to make the girl youre really intrested in jelous... to wear someone elses tie to a dinner.... ect. ect.

                      lun tay noohn nikal ana
                      "to have a nail grow on your penis"
                      => this is pretty much self explainatory, to not have had sex for over 12 months, and when you do try you can`t do it until you buy a nail clipper

                      khoosa khata karna
                      "to make it sour"
                      => means to make it sour.. means to make it sour it sour..
                      to disillusion a young girl so that she had a bad opinion pof all men in her life

                      i can`t think of any others right off the top of my head... but if anybody else can, i`ll be glad to read em.


                        koozagar tu te siray laa ditti ay.
                        ikk vaar phir dassiB tera pind kehRa ay?

                        saaday wale paasay Punjab ch ikk hor kahawat mash'hoor ay

                        "chitRaN thaaniN Lahore dissna"
                        (To see Lahore through ones a$$)

                        is used when someone really overspends out of his capacity or shows off


                          hmmm, Chann ji, meiN vee kawaaN aj kal minnooN Lahore bara nazar aa riya ay


                            haan bhai,
                            chan yaar, pani umar viekh tay apnay kam vekh...
                            kinoo kinoo lahore viekhan da shauq ay ?
                            aa jo...



                              Along the same lines you were talking about lalokhaiti language, I recently made some friends from Karachi, all Urdu speaking.

                              Although I was sort of familiar with their slangs in but never had the opportunity to hear them first-hand in casual sitting before. I was quite amused by hearing the slang from a different language.

                              One of the common ones I hear is

                              meri *&&%$ sulg gai uss ki baat sun kar (my rear burnt upon hearing that - meaning I got really frustrated or exasperated upon hearing that).