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    Pakistani Society

     We as a nation tend to behave like we have a childís memory, which is distracted with every new toy and a strange sound.
     We never had the courage to discuss our immediate history, the blunders our fathers did are never mentioned, assuming that nobody knows and to keep their (false respectful) image.
     We live and participate in a society in which we contradict every other norm, ethic and cultural value and still follow them privately.
     The sense of disbelieve and mistrust among us upon each other is so obvious that we are afraid to shake hands with the guys praying next to us in the mosque.
     The sense of praise is considered as the thing which can uplift the morals of a nation, its very hard to see a Pakistani doing that for another Pakistani.
     The sense of guilt is so enormous that now people are measuring themselves by lesser evil in the society.

    I think this has been going on for the last 53 years, the Pakistani nation is in stage of complete Neurosis. I would like to have you comments to better understand my self as a Pakistani.



      "The magic lies in changing your paradigm and looking at the positives".

      This is what we have been doing, practising negitives, in a society and looking at it's positive side. Just take one for example, denial, we do agree that denying is basically not to aknowledg the fact. But by not acknowlegeing we are pushing our next generations into darkness.we are not telling them the truth, or even the half truth. For example frm 1986-1996 for ten Years we never had the courage to mention the word Bharat or India on electronic media as our enemy and just used the word 'Dushman', and rest ashore the 1971 issue.(*)
      As per the acceptence of out side influence, I am not against that but the point is practicing it and admitting it, which is not there.
      About over praising I would like to have an example.
      I felt that pakistani think of other pakistanies as somebody who will glue himself to you and tend to avoid, and it's not the case as you mentioned. The mistrust is such that I have rarely seen pakistanies in higher positions hiring other pakistanies out of I dont know what.
      I do understand my self thats why Its getting harder to align my self with this difficult society.




          "The magic lies in changing your paradigm and looking at the positives".

          I agree we should look at the positives, negatives are not just to be acknowledged but steps should be taken to change that on however miniscule scale one may be able to.
          If you just focus on everything negative and not do something to change it the problem is not solved, acknowledgement and acceptance of a problem is the first step, but the first step is meaningless if it is not followed by another step and another series of steps.

          As far as nations telling the truth goes, politics are politics, and my view is that politics and truth are mutually exclusive. But the politics do not define a nation e.g. take Iran as an example.

          Your last point about Pakistanis helping Pakistanis has changed significantly. It can be improved but the situation has changed significantly for our generation. I see Pakistani doctors helping pakistani med students get residencies and fellowships on an everyday basis. Same goes for other jobs, one friend just recruited a good pal of mine in the investment bank he is working at. I got offers from other friends, from people who did not even know me but heard of me from other people back when I was looking to change jobs. The older generation i have had mixed experiences with.

          You said
          "I do understand my self thats why Its getting harder to align my self with this difficult society"

          I have empathy for you, but you must not focus on the whole society, focus on the segment that you feel comfortable with.
          In my case it has been educated, professional, and well balanced desis.
          (well balanced does not refer to their gymnastics abilities ahah but that they can function equally well in desi or western settings)

          I use the term desi and not pakistani because this includes many indians as well.

          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


            We are as pakistani are vary depressed peoples or may be this depression is imposed upon us. After loosing East Pakistan we developed a NOT TO TRUST EACH OTHER sense, because of that the confidence we had was lost. I saw the same feeling in Karachi when muhajirs society started feeling that they made a mistake by coming to Pakistan.
            I think the major difference between Pakistan and India is that Jinnah died early and we never had a sincere leadership after that, But in other case Nehru was able to establish an institute in India and thats the advantage they always had on us. The second disadvantage was created when religion was imposed on the peoples, We were lost politically before now we are lost religeously to. If you go and see pakistani you will either find realigeous fanatics or religion haters. Now we are totally lost, we have no political system and we have destroyed the religion (whatever we had before). I am affraid that to come out of this we need a revolution, may be not a peace full one, may be a bloody one.


              The social structure is such that there is no fine line which is dividing the society in to classes, the only visual line is the most upper class and thatís it. The rest of 95% of the population is astride, the y donít have any out let and when there is none it boils out in form of ultra societal breakups like religious factions, lingual factions and on and on. The society has become so vulnerable because of their inner convictions, the sense of no direction, and, that who ever comes to the throne is their Massiha. For the last 25 years this is what we have been looking at leader after leader and all of them are hoax.
              With all the real issues Ny Ahmedi has mentioned, in my opinion the society always needs a direction, which we were suppose to have in 47 and due to the mishaps as JohnD said we never got. The society as a whole needs a direction...

              Take One Thing At A Time And We Will Solve It.


                read, me friend, improve yourself, and tell other pakistanis to do the should acquire as much knowledge as possible....the onus of change is on our philosophers and poets all the wise men of the world and you will find you enrich your soul....your soul will lead you to you..