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    I see this term used an awful lot on this forum,usually as a form of condemnation. I really don't understnd why. I personally don't think that westernisation is a sin, but I guess my definition must be a little different from other peoples'.

    From several other topics I see that:
    Western morals are bad
    Western girls are bad
    Western culture is bad
    So what is "western"?
    Could some knowledgable people here please enlighten me?

    I think this term has been misused a lot out of biased and narrow minded interpretations of Western customs. I don't even need to say that good and bad customs are everywhere, and many times even what is good/bad becomes quite invisible.

    I believe that over the past few centuries, starting from middle ages to the present day, Western world has promoted and adopted a noticeable level of pragmatism. Reliance on scientific facts and tengible discoveries in the physical world are more prominent in Western society. And naturally, this school of thought has also permeated itself into cultural roots.

    It is an observable fact that any practical application of any idealogy at a collective level can neither be perfect nor it can assure homogeneously desired outcomes. It's always about the optimal level, or at least getting close to it.

    So in that context, the adjective Western implies dealing with life and our surroundings in a practical and tangible manner (relatively more compared to East). It promotes freedom of human thought and conscious to discover what is more obvious and achievable.

    Now the interesting thing is that most of the people differentiate this difference among East and West as contrary to each other. Yes, there are things that may be mutually exclusive and exist in contrast to each other in both cultures, but most of the time they are simply different. The reason for this misconception is one's strict conviction of the 'exclusive righteousness' of his/her heritage.

    Accepting something different than one's beliefs always requires hard work and self-improvement in judgement at any level. It is always easier to look at something at superficial level and be done with it than to beseech true nature of things. Comparision of cultures is the easiest prey for such an approach.


      C'mon, guys, lots of you have used the terms "eastern culture" "the west" etc. -- can't you tell me what you meant when you used them? please...... don't say Roman is the only one who is aware of what he is writing...


        saamp (snake) soongh gaya sabb ko.
        I think we just use the term "westernization" in the most negative context. same goes for the term "modernization"

        More thoughts later


          West represents, capital economy , democratic rule ( as opposed to religion, or monarchy), INDIVIDUALITY,,,( very important) as it can be threatening to the religious establishment....and brings freedom . i.e You can be whatever you choose to be and its as good as anything else..again , threatening to any kind of establishment..
          Acceptance of the power of money, and freedom of choice translates into the different morality that we see....
          western system is closer to human nature, and eastern closer to our fantasy of what we should be like..
          Good and Bad are judgement calls, eastern folks are more likely to use this , cause as I said above we follow authirity rather then teh notion of individual freedom , and judge everything from that standard..


            East and west.. the difference lies in way people relate to each other.

            East... you are part of a tribe/ race/ religion and you are ruled by the norms of the group and demands complete subservience to the rules of the group

            West.. individual/ selfish/ rules by the norms of the larger culture and demands complete subservience to the rules of the larger society...

            Not too much different in what they ask of you, and if you don't fit in.. you can be labelled as both ' eastern boy' and 'westernized coconut' at the same time.. can't win eh!


              well said black zero
              I am in agreement, how would you relate your own experiences. Labels or prejudices faced etc.
              The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.