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She wants to Dance....

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    She wants to Dance....

    In our society girls are not encouraged to learn the art of dance...Well, even worse, I've not seen very many girls who would go near a music instrument because it isn't considered a 'shareefana' way of life style. Where do u stand on this issue?


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    Abay pk....OoOoOoOoPpPpPsSsSs....i mean Array Pk sahib......Action replay??


      There is nothing wrong with dancing. Find me the spot in the Quran where it says: "thou shalt not dance." I don't have a problem with it at all, and enjoy dancing. It hasn't gotten me into any trouble yet .


        The only comment you are going to get from me is that women look so pretty dancing!


          i don't think there is anything wrong with dancing, but i haven't seen many pakistani girls dance either and even less play instruments...i used to play the cello and i haven't given it much thought about how i was percieved playing an instrument and i enjoyed playing and i'm not sure religion wise if either allowed, and i guess peoples views would change depending on the instrument or type of music

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            Naiko, replay always helps view things closely...Now, When I see Clinton and Monica in some replays on TV...I have more respect for masoom Mr president bechara!

            Zaraatif (is it one word or two) Anyway, jub kabhi Quran parha to I'll keep my eyes open.

            Roman, that was a politically correct doesn't get you in trouble. ;-)

            Amber, I agree with you. What a coincidence! I see that u and I are in the same city and believe me the category Flirt's results have no base what so ever



              Says who? We have produced some great dancers, Umrao Jana Ada, Neelo, Zeba, Anjuman, Firdoos, and many other notable dancers.

              It is not our society, but a few tung nazar loug that view the art of dance as impious. Even some Arab cultures encourage dancing (although no mixing of sexes). Egyptian belly dancers.. yeah!!

              I think that all Pakistani girls should learn to dance, and invent new styles, perhaps a Pakistani Lamabada.

              I am for it, and I think it should be taught at schools in Pakistan, starting at the elementary level.


                >>>>kabhi Quran parha to I'll keep my eyes open.

                Pk....Shurram karo...aur roz subah fajjar ke baad atleast eik rakooh paRha kare...Rab TummeiN muaf kare

                and about dancing ...lemme copy paste here ...molvi saab ka jawab.....


                PS. Rom....i wonder if u have seen Anjamun or saima dancing in khaiths


                  anujuman in khaiths (fields)... what a funny site

                  They say
                  'us zameen par saat saal fasal naheen ugtee jahaan anjuman naach gaee ho'


                    BlackZero Sahib....Eik tau aap "Zero" heiN....sonay pe suhaaga "Kaalay kaloTay" bi heiN....(shaid teetar moTay) bi....aur aap hunstay heiN "Anjumann" jesi beauty pe...haiN??

                    Shurram kijiay...Anjumann qaum ka azeem sarmaaya hei.....

                    PS. Aap ki shakkal kuch jani pehchani si lagti hei...Do u know Juliana Fitzwater??;-)


                      Black Zero.
                      where is Sang hi?


                      In future avoid disclosing anything about Black Zero's identity.
                      Your friendly neighbourhood fraudiya loafer luccha lufanga awara ayaash aubaash ghunda badmaash man


                        I don't have a problem with females dancing as long as it's not in the presence of males. Cause otherwise, it looks rather cheap and indecent. But if done for the purpose of exercise like Aerobics nothing wrong with it at all.


                          EH' if she wants to dance then.. Lettt er Dance..



                            Dancing in front of men is not allowed in shariat if we are to go by the Law...

                            It does look very enticing (shaayad issi liye haraam hai)...I went to a live khattak performance by Naheed Sadeequi and it was simply mesmerising....imaan leva hota hai!

                            Dancing amongst girls *(eg at mehndi) I think is fine..

                            Doing raqs whilst in a state of wajd (for Sufis) is allowed...

                            Hafeez Jhullandari (raheem Ullah) has a GREAT nazm on this called "Raqaasa". If anyone can post it...


                              yeah let's make our culture as un-respectible as the west's.

                              actually jinnah's vision was to create a country based on democracy and western values, so u guys are not too far from his views.