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    My Demand.....

    Since every one is coming up wid tarah tarah ki demands these days(jesay election meiN voters kertay heiN)....mein ne soocha meiN bi koi demand kiyooN na my demand is....

    "Azkar ke Chicken tikka bihaari kabab aur kaRahi gosht ko Manto ke ThanDay Gosht se alug kiya jaye"

    A seperate forum for literature????what u say??
    Politics(fitna fasaad and shar'pasandi) ke teen teen fora aur literature ko bavarchi'khanay mein daala hova hei....haiN???

    PS. And how about starting some thing like book reviews...i have seen it on chai time...and i really liked it....whats ur say guys???

    [This message has been edited by NaikLarki (edited March 26, 2000).]

    Great idea, although I think it should be combined with Poetry forum to make it "Poetry and Literature" forum.


      Naik ji I totally....agree with you! You have my vote for both suggestions!

      Sab mil kay...
      NaikLarki Zindabad!


        Asif Bhai.....aap baaz nai aatay aur buhat aankheiN maartay heiN.....i am definitly changing my nick too "Naik-Behn-G"...



          I dunno if there is enough traffic to arts n culture to really split it further up. we could add it to poetry so it will be poetry and literature, but with the amount of poetry posts, u may lose a thread behind the volume of poetry.

          Lets keep it here

          Way back when i was the mod for this section, we attempted to discuss a personality of the week and it could be an author, poet, community leader anyone who had a profound impact on our society.

          Maybe we can start that up as well as a weekly book review. I would be in the favour of going through a book review and then after taking all the pro and con points..make a concise review for others that are looking to read that book.

          whatcha say kiddo?
          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


            Fraud bhai saab....i definitly don't want Literature and Poetry together...for the reason u stated above...

            >>>lets keep it here...

            Hmmmmmm ok ....phir bavarchikhanay ko alug karo

            PS. Personality of the week(month??) and book reviews both are very good ideas....


              thats why we needed you in the mod team to spearhead such efforts and u became a bhagorri

              hmmmmm okay hmmmmm lemme see what Chief Executive has to say.

              so we leave arts n culture as it is and start a new section titled literature?

              My only worry would be that it will not get much attention and be a slow forum. People are already complaining that it takes to long for gupshup page to download due to all the sections.

              Hmmmm lets say we have several different suggestions and do a voting

              We can have azkar put his polling thingamajig here and we can see what looks like the optimal solution.
              The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                Traffic or no Traffic....Votes or no Votes....I want My Lit Sec....and i want it Now Now Now!!!!!!
                Or i am going on a strike......And not an ordinary Strike...."Bhook HaRtaal"...

                well on a serious not who will vote for a lit section?? i can count on my fingers
                but there is no harm in giving it a try....!!!!

                PS. Not bhaggoRi...."Master of my own"!!!!