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Chicken Tikka and Dahi??

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    Chicken Tikka and Dahi??

    howdy, wifey is away for a month and moi feels like being brave and try makin me a Tikka! I am reading this cookbook 'lizeeah' and need soem extra help.

    It does not say here that I need to mix the tikka misala (by Ahmed) with Dahi. Now, I know for sure that wifey always added dahi. Who to believe? Or let me ask this, why do we add dahi in tika masala?

    And is there any way to cut the 3-4 hour time that is needed after applying the tika masala on the chicken before da cook time? I cannot wait that long!! helppp.

    well you wife is right. You have to add Tikka Masala, Yougurt, Ginger, garlic. And Marinte it for 3 4 hours. Well if you dont the taste from the masala and yougurt will be on the top of the chicken and not inside. Thats why you marinate. You really dont have an option other than to keep it marinated for3 4 hours, unless you have those pressure boxes, where you put the Chicken and the paste and suck the air out. That marinates the chicken in like 10 minutes.


      Thanks Khan. really appreciate that.
      for the long run, where can I get those air-sucker boxes? seems like cool addition for a kitchen.



        well I dunno, when I used to be in Austin, I bought them from you know those TV paid advertisment show things. you know they sell all that junk on TV, by making false claims, but this thing is real useful also another one was that George foreman's lean mean fat reducing grilling machine. Chicken tikkas on that were great!

        SO you didnt say how did the Chicken turn out?



          uuukh maan!! hehehe. tikka masalla was so khata!! :-( ... biut I learnt the trick now. I added extra red pepper. Those Shan Masalla people had it there.

          also, i learnt teh importance of cooking oil sprays. Didnt use it and the tikkas turned sooooo stiff :-(

          I am not going to use any rotating machines now. The good old grill is da best!!

          Since wifey is not in country, I can make all da mess. So, I am gona do it again tonight. Lets see if I can beat dem Shalimar Tikka guys!!


            hey ch. saab won't u share the tikkas with us??????/very bad akele akele hi..!!!


              ugh like i hate these ready made masalas
              i mean shan's all masalas taste the same to me

              Azkhar the best is to mix
              yogurt with salt, crushed and ground red pepper, haldi, ginger, garlice, teeny bit of vinegar, a teeny bit of oil, food color

              just leave the chicken in it for two three hours and toss it in the over

              tikka is tayyar


                Anchal aap naa shukri/shukray hain! hum pardesiyon kay liye east or went shaan is the best


                  wow looks like that we have some experts here!!ha.ha..ha..


                    If you wash your chicken with vinegar, and marinade with limejuice instead of yogurt, you donít have to let it rest for hours. Also for beginners making meat tikka is easier, as it doesnít get all sookha like chicken.

                    Another method is: make a paste of green chili, red chili, black pepper, salt, dhaniya, zeera, ginger, garlic, lime juice, marinade your chicken (washed in vinegar) let it rest for 30 min and pakao it.

                    Ps. Can you guys imagine Azkar bhai in a pink baRe phooloN wala apron


                      nashukra honay ka kia hay is main

                      if its not good its not good



                        ohh. another try. but this time it wasnt that bad last night.

                        but these ladies are making ma life difficult. Oyee!! I am trying to cut cornrs and tum ho kay kaam barhaye jaa rahay ho?? i will go out and buy a marnted chkn if i can get my hands on. (but then why dont I buy a tikka from those shalimar guys?) ) .. its the cooking part that I like. the prep is not for me. and the pre-prep (preparing masala??) is defintly not moi!!

                        but for those who asked for a share of da tikka, you r lucky u din get it cuz I knew this morning that I had too much masalla-jat in ma tikka .. hehehheehehehe.

                        this weekend, I will try again.


                          Originally posted by Azkar Choudhry:
                          the prep is not for me. and the pre-prep (preparing masala??) is defintly not moi!!
                          Well then ask the Shalimar gang to prep and pre prep and then you can bring it home and "cook" it and celebrate your success

                          Nikama insaan
                          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                   Ager aap BV ki hukam adooli na kertay tou aaj yay din na daikhna pertaa
                            waisay ap ki asaani k leay yay zeada achi baat rahya gi k ap apni bV ko HATH jour ker kah dain k jatay waqt ake tikka masala paste bana ker freez ker dou,tou jab zaroorat hoee bv ki ghair moujoodagi main KABAB uraey

                            sabah very good ideas