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Isfahan...nisf-e-jahaan ast..

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    Isfahan...nisf-e-jahaan ast..


    Recently we discussed the great cities of pakistan --and i am currently reading a book called "Taarikh-e-Punjab ma' taarikh-e-lahore" (actually abhi sirf library se laaya hoon, paRhi nahin hai..)--to it got me thinking ke in Iran it is said (and in our qadeemi lit. as well which is basically an extension of Farsi lit.) ke isfahaan nisf-e-jahaan ast (yaani Isfahan is half of the world)--to I was wondering if anyone here on Gupshup has ever visited Isfahan and what it is like?

    Asif....since i am very free these days...i can go check out isfahan for u.....aakhir banda hi banday ke kaam aata hei.....

    Oh haaN Whats ur CC# again? bai ticket vicket Khurcha pani....


      Naik Dukhatram,

      Kiswar-Haseen Shad Bad. when you go there make sure you bring Burka with you. You know how it is so lazmi in Isfahan.

      Tu Nishane Azme Aalee Shan!!

      Make sure you donít Nashista Boodam in Hasht Behesht or in any other Public Place.

      Zama Doost badum Ghazaie Irani, wa Dukhtaram Hasina Mah Jabina.

      Shomaeh fekr tamomeh oeh gofteh bande

      Khoday Hafiz


        Ahmadi saab....

        about the burqah thing no worries....mere pass her fashion her rang ka burqah hei

        and about rest of ur post.....**Sighs**

        Your CC# plz .....i have to buy that software...."Persian Translator"....Motashakkar-am

        Khodah Hahfez


          mmm....Naiku ji---kaash ke hum aap ki yeh khwaish poori kar sakte...


          man dar keeshwar-i-Isfahan nameeraftam...

          shumaa zabaan-e-pahlavi gofteem? khoob ast...

          Farsi zabaan-e-saroosh-haaye behisht ast...



            In 1996, I had a chance to visit Iran and I visited 3 cities; Tehran, Isfahan, & Sheeraz.

            What exactly you are looking for!!!

            Sheeraz was better and I was more interested in it coz of Saadi Sherazi.




              Nadeem bhai--just a general description of what it is like--its architecture/plan/people/sites/culture/food...sab kuchh--akhir kyon isse nisf-e-jahaan kehte hain?

              Isfahan also has many famous ulama and mashaikhs whose mazaars are there i think...

              Shaikh Saadi --subhan Allah! Hafiz of course is also in Shiraz...

              aur aap Nishapur gaye thay?