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Siachen Glacier

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    Siachen Glacier

    According to lots of peoples opinion, its a place where no grass grows, and no one can live normally. So basically its a useless piece of land(snow) that two countries are fighting over. I wont get into the strategics of the places, since thats something reserved for the politics forum. Here I would just like to ask around if anyone has been around the place. Around, as in, Skardu and Gilgit, at the heights. The glacier is at a height range of 18,000 to 21,000 ft, and the mountain range does have population dwelling at as high as 14,000 ft. So basically people do live there, and do survive. They live on dry fruits, nuts, apples, cherries and lots of other exotic fruits that we normally dont see in cities. Not all the dwellers are kafirs. They are a mixed breed, with lots of kashmiris among them as well. I dont have photos of the people, but I do have some of the glacier itself. Is it possible to post the photos on this forum in jpg format?? Can the mods tell me how?


    I will check with azkar on that. I dunno if users can. What I would like to do it is get pictures from you guys and have them be the main pictures on the arts & culture page like marriage has a wedding scene and we can rotate those.

    another possibility long term is currently being discussed to add more flexibility and features.

    will keep u posted.

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