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    For Lahoris Only

    What happened with you guys, no posting to defend Lahore. I saw couple of enteries just saying how great Lahore is but none of you tried to prove it. I have two issues I want to ask Lahoris.

    1. Now lets see, why somebody would buy a green three piece suit from LANDA BAAZAR and wear it with with Yellow Shirt and Purple Tie. And than ride a bicycle while CHUPPING Ganna (sugar Cane) or eating Mulli.

    2. I think they should put a band on DHOTI, specially if you are driving a motor cycle, you should not be allowed to wear a Dhoti. Bad vary Bad, not a good picture.

    I still like Lahore, but

    Karachi Dey Gul Haur Aey

    Please respond in arts and culture



      I am sure every city offers its dwellers a unique and rich cultural experience that makes them feel at home. I have never been to Karachi but I am sure there are things in Karachi that one can't experience in Lahore and vice versa.

      I don't think there should be any 'competition' which one is better, as all the cities have their own unique culture and customs and one should appreciate that uniqueness and diversity at a national level.

      It's not about which one is better or not, it's about visiting those cities and experiencing, learning, and appreciating the unique culture and customs there.

      Now coming back to the green three piece suit, did you actually really saw somebody riding a bicycle while CHUPPING a Ganna or it's just a little cultural taunt? And if you actually did see somebody then I must say, I admire that guy's sense humor and freedom of style in whatever he liked and thought was cool and went for it instead of worrying how would he look to others. See, there is a reason we have the expression 'zinda dilan-ay Lahore'.


        Yaar johnd,

        no no no no you cannot compare Lohore to the Karachi City
        because we cannot beat Lahories , they are the nation wide supplier. don't you know , you never been in shahi mohallah, wow........ pretty, chicknee lahori chicken

        Nothing is impossible in this Universe,
        Just go try and fight for the right...

        you will get sum.

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            Dera Ghazi Khan
            Zila' Mardaan
            cheechoo ki maliaan
            shah Jo Goth

            okay now who's talking...
            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


              O Bahi Awara,
              Keya KAREYA ABHAY.

              Relax guy, I am not comparing cities of Pakistan. They all are great, BUT

              Karachi KEY SHAN AUR HAY.

              I am agree with Roman, but what about that case of DHUTI, I think thats too much ZINDA DALANI, some of the scenes where scarey but some were shamefull. We have Hakims in Karachi who are good in helping in gaining 1-2 inches in height.


                Originally posted by johnd:
                We have Hakims in Karachi who are good in helping in gaining 1-2 inches in height.
                supply exists due to demand...and not vice versa... elementary economics
                So does that explain why the Hakims are in karachi and not in other places?
                The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.



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                    MAY KEYA SONAO,
                    AJAO MEDAAN CHEY.

                    I am not against Lahore, I love both Pindi and Lahore, But

                    Karachi Dey GUL HUR AEY


                      Fraudia..After a train trip in Pakistan, a friend was telling me of the places he had seen. The cities that he mentioned as ones that he HAD BEEN TO, were described by him as those where he had gone to the bathroom. If he hadnt used the bathroom at a particular stop, no matter how long he stayed there, he didnt consider himself having gone there. Is that the criteria u are using while listing all these cities? :>

                      And Karachi is just another hong kong if u ask me. Its extremely hard to find a hint of Pakistani culture there. Lahore on the other hand, much like the rest of Punjab, is nothing but culture ooozing out of everywhere. Its a no-contest.

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                        dunno mon never been to any of those cities or towns or qasbas
                        only cities I have seen in pak are Karachi & Hyderabad (which is not really a city)

                        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                          Akif, I was affraid of that, You said Lahore is full of culture but the problem is that it has only one culture. I think the reason you were not able to see culture in Karachi because Karachi is a multi cutural city. YOu will see a mini-lahore, mini peshawer or even mini Hong Kong. Even mini Bombay. YOu name it, I can even show you mini Africa too.



                            I don't like to comment on places I haven't seen properly but I spent 3 days in Karachi and all I saw were miserable people in a marvellously modern - and - squalid - city. Lahore though, every square inch is full of life and vibrancy. The people are fun they like a good time and they are always smiling. In Lahore, alongside the fantastic modern hotels and swish mansions you have the old communities and historic buildings.

                            In my opinion it is the best mix of old and new in Pakistan; and i'm talking genuine Pakistan, not imported culture.

                            Akif is right, Karachi gives off the whiff of colonial past and the people do not seem quite at ease with themselves. But please correct me if I am wrong.

                            Lahore has everything; the old, the new, parks, zoos, beautiful people, happy people, religion, scepiticism, culture, arts, want me to go on?

                            Johnd, you won't see a min-bombay or a mini-honkong in Lahore. Not even a mini-Africa. But you will see a full size Lahore, living, breathing and never sleeping.

                            Now let's hear a bit more about your city because like Lahore I am sure it has a story.


                              Well said NY-Khadim, Lahore cant be described in words. Since Nawaz Sharif has renamed Lahore to LaWhore, the city is now quite self-explanatory. So mohtaram pir sahib, next time on your way to RaiWind, when you touch Lahore don’t forget to have some booster shots of “hifazatee teekay” .

                              And Johny (cockroach killer), We also have some very talented Hakims in Karachi who obtained jali degrees in“german ilaaj” from boribazar,.. they are good in every thing.... ever heard of them??

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