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    Does anybody around here knows why they boil live lobster? I'm just curious. Someone said it might be because they want it to be fresh. But that can't be logical. You can kill the lobster and boil it 10 seconds later and it still be fresh... unless, of course, I am missing something.

    Lobster... now that is one thing I can not eat...well its strange really. I do eat lobster meat but i can not eat it when they bring it whole.

    Question is ..who started eating lobster to begin with. I mean if I was a caveman walking on a beach and saw a lobster.. i would not think that it was FOOD.. I would look at its colour, shape and tentacls etc.. assume that it was an alien race trying to take over planet earth and start a grassroots movement to annihilate the species.

    but..someone chose to boil it and eat it...
    I also wonder about how we started eating eggs... and what in the world was the guy thinking who was the first one to drink cow/goat milk...and hmm what was the cow/goat thinking.

    Yawn.. its still too early in the morning.
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      hahaha... that alien analogy was pretty good. You know, I would love to hear some of your early morning revelation on chicken butts, lamb testicles, and goat abdomen as these are pretty popular dishes back in Pakistan.

      I am pretty sure you are familiar more than me about the dish of 'gurday kapooray' back home. In Lakshamai chowk, Lahore, there are several places where one can eat the dish.

      I must also say, I love the dish. A lot of spices, makhan, green chilli peppers, and long pieces of ginger. It goes so good with naan, but even better with tandoori roti.


        Roman Yar, what is more perplexing is that how a conversation starts about Lobsters, a fairly outlandish and ritzy meal, and somehow turns into tandoori rooti. Donít you have no shame? I am not a big fan of Lobsters either, but do not mind if thatís all there to eat. Tandoori rooti on the other hand is enough to go to war with someone. The dishes you mentioned, Gurda Kapoora, etc, are delicacies. Lahore is definitely the place, along Abbott Road to Laxmi Chook; there are many restaurants. I have tried Gurda Kapooras here in Coney Island, but they donít taste the same as they do back home. I think the animals in USA donít have balls to match those found in Pakistan.

        Man, I am so sick of eating cereal in the morning, or stupid pancakes. I miss Lahore very much. Cereal and pancakes cannot be matched with those delicious cholesterolatic dishes.



          Sometimes I cry, late at night when I think about Majay di lassi, poori tay halwa with bhaji. For me, it's like the ultimate segregation of something beloved from my reach.

          Then we had these couple of places alongside Link Road (ever been there? It links Baghbanpura and Mughalpura in Lahore... right where Shalamar Bagh is). Where you sit on those chokeys and eat payaay and/or maghaz with right-out-of-tandoori naan and drink methi lassi.... oh, God, it's getting ecstatic now!

          You know a lot of people think eating cow brain is such a disgusting thing... God, they have no idea. I cannot possibly live in the same world where people with such notions live. Only if they had tried it on those thara places!

          And I'm not even gonna talk about Androon-e-shahar payaay joints and their food. I am not worthy, I am not worthy....


            Ustad, what are you talking aboutÖ any place is Lahore that I have not been will be some place that is built more recently.. or may be the quarters of the Generals in the canttÖ I know link road well.. you mean that one that has four cinemas : Al-Ryaz, Angoori, Sehar, Shabnam??? Of course yar. I also know Chacha and his restaurant, across from Angori cinema. The milk shake stall outside of Sehar cinema. I was friends with one of MPs sons who lived in the area. I know Baghbanpura (including Gha Mandi, Sukh Nehar, Singpoora (aka Singapor), Ghoray Sha, and all, Mint, etc.) very well. I have wondered in the streets there when I was a student in Lahore, and wondered in every single street that there isÖ..
            Good to know that you share some of mine fixations..


              read "Wandered" and not wondered. Sorry about my sloppy typing...


                You must be kidding me!!!

                Well, you must know the area called Annayaa wala morr... where they have the most delicious 'tali machi' (They even call it machi bazaar)? Well, that's home, bro. I was born and raised in one of those streets. Madho Lal Hussain mazar was like our pachwara. Went to Comprehensive High School in Ghorey shah. Yep, that's home.

                Al-Ryaz and Shabnam are gone (I can't be too sure about Shabnam). They built Shopping plaza there. Chacha has a new rival, Haji Saab and Sons and man, there chicken and lamb karahis rock. Which MP you were talking about? Sheikh Asghar and sons? I won't be surprised if we'd even have few common acquaintances!

                Which years you were student there, BTW?


                  Roman wa sraised in macchi bazar area??? well finally the mystery of the BO is cleared

                  I per lahoris analogy have not yet been born since I have not been to Lahore. *sigh*

                  I am the only one in my family who eats all the maghaz, gurda, kapoora stuff so consequently i only eat it when i am out with pals.

                  The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.



                    how would you kill a lobster without messing it up? chop its head?

                    I dunno why they do it either...i am thinking.
                    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                      Jesus... I paid that much money for my contradiction deodorant for nothing... I might as well go back to Lifebuoy saban.



                        Man, it's still probably more 'humane' to chop its head than to boil it live. I can't imagine looking at a live lobster in a pot of water that's been boiled and thing is trying to get its way out.

                        I mean chop its head and get it over with, why boil it live? Although those things can get pretty nasty with their pincers.


                          O, Meray Jigger Roman. I donít know what to tell you. Man you have brought back so many good memories. Although I never was a resident of Baghbanpura but I had spent a lot of time on those streets. I believe I am qualified to be an Honorary Citizen of Baghbanpura. I was student in Lahore from mid 70ís to 1981, last two years at college. My parents and rest of my family lived in another Small City where my father worked in a factory. I was left on the mercy of my relatives who are scattered all over Lahore. I spent most of my time staying in College Hostels at various locations and with various older cousins. AnyaN Wala Mor, of course and the Machi, what can I say. What I remember about Baghbanpura is that there were 3 entrances to the Bazaar: One from Gha Mandee (the best sweets shop, I think Pehlwan) and the big Tea Shop on Gha Mandee (the best Tea!), the other entrance is the AnyaN wala Mor, there used to be Khoka where I will often go to make a phone calls (across from Dr. Razak), I remember going to Dr. Razak, and remember taking his Red Potion regardless of the ailment. My relatives lived in Singh Pura, and also near Suk Nehar. The third entrance to bazaar was from the Govt School side, and then there is a street from school that takes you to the College. I would often take Tanga from AnyaN wala Mor to Tezab Hata and stop at my relatives there for tea or for left over food and then cross the Railway bridge to take the Bus or Van to Model Town, or to New Campus. This continued until I bought a Honda 70 in 1980.

                          I had a very good friend in Pakistan Mint, we went to college together, and I often visited him in the Mint. There was this Haji who made the best Gagrayla (carrot Halwa). I have never eaten such tasty Halwa in my life.

                          My acquaintances with Shiekh brothers were purely political. I never participated in their extra-curricular activities (Majha Sikh connections, etc.). I was a certified Piplia, and thatís how I know that family. Shiekh Uncle was a fine man, may he rest in peace.

                          There are so many other memories, of going to Baghbanpura, Moghalpura, and many other neighborhoods in Lahore. If I were to write a book on Lahore, Baghbanpura will certainly take up a good chunk.

                          You are very lucky to have such strong roots there. It is a beautiful place.

                          I havenít been back there in a while, as my parents now live in Iqbal Town. After my dad retired a few years ago, he bought a small house there. The Lahore I know is much different than what is today. I think I will get lost, but I will manage, as that is the place that is dear to me.

                          I read your posts in the culture thread. You should consider writing a book. You are very good!!


                            Honda 70 in 80?? Man, that was like the coolest 'sawari' in those times!

                            You must have known that among of all the Sheikh brothers, only Roheel survived. Shakeel got killed like his father (same Maja Sikh story) and Aqeel, the younges died of kidney problems... he used to drink a lot.

                            Good memories.


                              how about killing the lobster with a lethal injection? thats more humane
                              The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.