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Anyone here got a fave 'Mithai'?

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    Anyone here got a fave 'Mithai'?

    I love sweets especially our home-mithais...mmmmmmmmmmmmm......!.

    My fave mithai has definitely got to be:


    I used to hate Kheer, but recently I went to Pakistan for a wedding and they had some kheer there. So I said to myself no harm in trying!. I tryed it and WOW!, It turned out to be my favourite sweet!.
    I don't know if you lot like kheer but 'What is your favourite mithai (s)???????????'

    k: k: k: k:

    Mera Dil Hai 100% Pure Pakistani!xxxxxxx

    not to sound like a total coconut...but my fav dessert is Tiramisu. Ras malai comes a verrrry close second.
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      hey Kheer is my fav. too
      I love Barfi

      btw which kheer r u talking about, the gajjer wali kheer ya chawal wali kheer, I like both

      Till next time,
      Allah Hafiz


        i absolutely love love love hot gajrela (NOT gajjar halwa eww) u know when its all runny and wet like milk...mmmmmmm!
        and i liked this chocolate barfi when i was in pakistan...i was desp for anything chocolate back then


          Chocolate in any form does it for me

          Jalebi is my favourite
          Kheer in those clay cups garnished with pistas yum yum yum

          pastries mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
          and donuts just the cinammon ones

          oops nearly forgot OREOOOOOOOOOOOOOS

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            Desi mithaio main gulab jamun or mithaa firni
            or badesi mithaa gelato or cream of caramel


              1) Jalebee
              2) Any Danish chocolate cake
              3) Most chochlates
              4) Any Ice creme, lekin not mango ice
              5) Pateesta
              6) Rasgulla
              7) Kheer
              8) Ras malai and Shahi tukRe
              9) Gulaab Jamun
              10) Barfi

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                My all time favourite is Ras-Malai...

                Delicious !!!


                  Rabri, mithai and gulab jamun

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                    Not really a mithai person but got to admit I do like rasmalai.

                    And fresh cooked jalebis (hot, hot, hot!!)

                    And those fake cream cones you can get from the bakery at the corner of the bazaar in Sahiwal'n'nasty rip off of the real thing but a damn lifesaver after you've been eating mirch masala non-stop for a few weeks


                      Kalakund and gulab jamun


                        All of you guyz are making my mouth water!

                        Both kheers are nice but I prefer the chawal one.

                        Mera Dil Hai 100% Pure Pakistani!xxxxxxx


                          well.. apart from my mum;s gulab jamans... the only thing for which i will never say no is

                          Strawberry cheesecake Icecream by Hagen Daaz


                            I am also an ice cream fan. Brand doesn't matter as long as it has gooey stuff in it. Plain is boring. Sometimes I add extras on top like jam or syrup or honey. I eat it every night after dinner and after lunch when I'm home. Yummmmm.