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    We must never stop and continue to talk about food.

    Following are few kinds of Parathays that I know of and have tried.

    1- Regular parathay. You know, the regular ones. Itís a whole big topic, I canít possibly elaborate.

    2- Aloo parathay. Need I say more? I'll leave it to you guys to elaborate. The thought itself is too overwhelming for me.

    3- Mooli parathay. This particular kind of parathay go best with kachi lassi.

    4- Qeema parathay. Stuffed with spicy, minced meat (a very important point to note: The meat should be hand-minced or hand-chopped, not machine-minced. The machine one has too small particles so it doesn't taste the same and it tends to break and spread apart. Hand-minced meat remains layered together so with every morsel, you get the right amount of meat and spice).

    5- Misc. parathay. This very extraordinary kind of parathay has a broad range. They made for anything thatís been left over from previous day and can be enveloped into layers of atta. Few examples are Aloo Gobi, bhunay hoay karailay (there should be a thread just on karailays), chanay ki daal, and couple of others I canít recall.

    One a-must thing to go with any kind of parathay is yogurt. Whether you are eating parathay with last night left over or itís the keema or aloo kind, yogurt is the word. And if life is really kind to you then you will also get lassi to go with it.

    My favorite....the layered paratha..when cooked, it looks as if you placed 8 or 10 layers or thin ata on top of each other. However, the way its made is that the ata is rolled in a longitudinal shape, ghee is applied to it liberally, and then holding the snake from one end, you start rolling it in concentric circles, till all the snake is gone. Then you take the rounded form, press it flat, and make it like a regular roti. It comes out extremely khasta and layerish. Extremely heavy, but then again, thats what a paratha is supposed to be Have it with yogurt, have it with baasi salan, have it with anda, have it with lassi, have it alone, its yum regardless For complete recipe, send $5.99 + tax + shipping.


      Roman, add Methi de paranthay to the list. You chop the green Methi, mix all spices and stuff to it and stuff your paranthas with it. It tastes very good.


        Parathay don't remind me of this devine creation of mankind.
        I remember the CHOOREE also.
        Man desi ghee kay parathay or shakar ke chooree.
        Oaye mainoo Pakistan jaanna hay.

        beware y2k is here
        are you ready
        what the hell
        computer people quit scaring the world


          Thanks God Ramazan is over before this Great thread by the way.

          I love Ammi ke parathy, thatís layered parathe. I wonder what Iím gonna do when I move out. Not even our Tota eats the parathy that I make, but he is stupid anyway.
          Paratha with daal is second best thing after layered. However moli paratha is not me, but thatís because I donít like moli.
          About Karela parathe, you mean paratha with karely na? And yepper Karely deserves a separate thread, especially chana daal and karely. Have anyone tried Partha with halwa? And paratha with achar-gobi?


            Chan is right...methay parathay is a winner. Also, I like it with murgh shorba and onion raitha but then I'm a culinary heathen.

            Note: at some time you have to include achar. It was designed for parathays

            I have known people to eat parathay with strawberry jam but these people are the kafirs of the paratha religion in my view.


              mmmmmmmmmmmmmm... (admin: is there a smily with lots of a guy salivating??? )

              ...I've tried

              regular paraThay--my mom's are the best!! I think a paraTHa has to be SOO full of ghee ke it oozes out of it when you even touch it....

              never tried mooli paraTHay...

              ..aaloo paraThay---wah ji wah

              qeema paraTHay-- mmmmmmmmmmm....(I'm reduced to a parady of Homer Simpson by now...mainu pukh lagee ay...main chaliyaaN....!!!

              any tried paraTHay with greek yoghurt? kya baat hai..

              paraThay with [nimbu/girgil/aam] ka achaar....mmmmmmmmmmmmm

              paraThay aur chaaaye [tea]...

              paraThay with lassi...

              paraThay with saalan...

              ...has anybdoy had fresh tandoori ki roti with ghee and shakkar? mmmmmmmmm....

              i'm getting too hungry....!!!!

              has anybody had what we call in our part of pakistan [near dina--pahaaRi zabaan mein] -"miS"--it is roti stuffed with channay ki daal and a whole host of herbs...

              guess what i'm eating tonight now....?

              Sabah ji --yes, masoor ki daal aur paraTHay---subhan Allah!!!!
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                Mooli paratha for me
                I can't eat the 'regular' paratha cuz I hate greasy stuff so it makes me sick. I NEED to have something stuffed inside!!!
                And yep..'dahi' is a MUST with parathas. You know when my ammi makes mooli parthas, I take dahi and put in some 'chaat masala' so it gets reallyyyy spicy and it tastes greattttt with the paratha.

                Beauty Lies In The Eyes Of The BeerHolder


                  Kabhee wo bhee yaar theeN raunaqaiN kabhee wo bhee lail-o-nihaar thaa.

                  Last I ate a paratha was in Hothalaan (a small village about 50 kilometers from Brussels), my friend Younes lives there and his mother cooked them (They are an Arab family, not pakistani). They were really nice and it reminded me of Parathay cooked by my mother, this time when I went to Pakistan my mother didn't cook any parathay becuase my stomach went astray and refused to work properly. I used to love aaloo walay parathay , but haven't eaten for at least good seven years now. My regular food is, breaded or boiled chicken or mainly itlalian food (cooked by someone who lives with me).


                    Parathy ...nam nam ...(aaaa munh mein pani aa geya he )

                    Main bhi kahoon yeh aaj kal poetry mein chatpati khushboeeN kahan sy aa rahi hain ...ab samjh aayi keh yeh hamsayooN ky haan sy aa rahi hain


                      Cheenee Wali Mithee Rooti is also good. When I was a kid, my mom made Mithee Rooti for me every morning. I miss that.


                        See the closest I ever got to methi de parathay was the aloo methi left over salan stuffed in paratha. And of course, it's absolutely wonderful.

                        Alloo methi has always been one of my favorite salans. It goes so good with yogurt and fresh roti off tawa, with a spread of desi ghee or makhan over it.

                        And yes, how could someone forget Choori. The fresh, warm, desi ghee wali roti curmbled and mixed with sugar... I used to eat a lot when I was a kid.

                        I think mostly people take parathay just for granted. I think it's a special kinda treatment that you receive from your mother, sister etc. The act of making roti for you and the act of making parathay for you bear two different emotions of care and attention.

                        I am serious, listen closely to your mother next time when she says 'Do you want me to make paratha for you' or 'I will make paratha for you'. It's entirely a different tone.

                        I am telling you guys, parathay stand for a lot deeper sybolism in our culture than just the concept of 'tasty food'.


                          Lagta hay kabhi kissi nay BAYSUN k parathay aam ki chutni k saath nahi khaey