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    I don't get this one. Our food tastes great. We cook every thing using many spices for taste. It's like we live to pleae our taste buds. But when it comes to tea, we boil it to death. Who thought of making tea that way anyway? British way of making tea is excellent.

    You boil the water, put tea in it and let the pot stay closed for a while then pour in the cup, and add a little milk to it. Milk does not overcome the taste of tea and you get your self a 'brisk' cup of tea (as Lipton put it). The smell, the taste, all is crisp and fresh.

    But with our way of making tea, we boil the poor tea so much in water that it loses its 'crispy' taste. Then we put so much milk in it that neither it gives the taste of tea nor that of milk. It just becomes this thick solution of sugar, milk, and over-boiled tea. Now where's the taste in that?

    Ok, so if that wasn't enough, we went even one step ahead and contrived the idea of 'Dhoodh patti'. That solution has so much overwhelming and thick taste of sugar and milk that the word 'tea' shouldn't even be associated with it. It reminds of that condensed carnation milk. Why couldn't we simply keep the tea the way it was when we inherited it from Britishers?

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    >>. Why couldn't we simply keep the tea the way it was when we inherited it from Britishers?
    Hmmm…You can call it revenge

    This is a cultural change in tea. Jaise we take something like tea we ulat phulat it, change it so it suites us better. The original tea matlab the ’Gharib chai’ is not good for a Pakistani tummy, you see we are a Lassi and dhodh drinker nation, so from that to boiled water with a little taste of tea and milk hmmm…it just ruins the original taste of water nothing else, and is a very bad example of milawat.
    Dhodh patti on the other hand, is the best addition to our Desi drinks It’s of course best when there is a lot of milk and sugar in it, and a tsp. or two of water and only one tea bag pr. cup, and is not over cooked.


      Yeh we may also call it the evolution of tea

      To quote Ibne Insha:

      Karachi waley chai main dodh daltey hain or
      Punjab kay loog dhodh main chai