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    got milk?

    AOA everyone
    i just wanted to know if there is a special reason behind the rasam of drinking milk on barat or if it is just a tradition.
    Thanx. Khudafice!

    *a real friend stabs u in the front*


    There is always a reason behind rasoom, especially wedding rasoom

    Dhood pilai hmmm one very obvious reason is the Paise you get from dhula sahib
    Another reason could be ahem pehle zamane meiN maybe the weather was to hot (jaise ab snow hoti hai wahaN) and while walking to the brides place, duhle miaN could get thirsty so….
    A third reason: easiest way to make Dhule raja drink ‘jamal ghota’


      hmmm.....I thought it had something to do with someone needing know...milk does a body good...


        A punjabi offers three drinks to serve three categories of guests.

        Water is offered to a person of household coming from a short daytrip.

        Lassi is offered to a person respected. A relative visiting from the same or nearby village, or the number-daar of the village.

        Doodh is offered to a person of great honour. A big landlord, an officer of high rank, or a relative or friend visiting from a far off village.

        The normal weddings in rural punjab still serve milk to all the members of baraat. In the urban populations, that has been replaced by Coke but the Doodh pilaee has been left as it was.


          oh so thatz why!
          i think in our punjabi weddings only the dulah-dulan are served milk, i guess everyone else has..coke!

          hmmm... very interesting, thanx for clearing that up for me guys!




            what about chocolate milk then?
            The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


              humm dulha mian ko chatti ka doodh yaad delane


                I guess Seven Up is out of question then?

                Here goes my job as the marketing manager for 7 Up.

                Thanks guys!

                Ha Ha.

                Rab Rakha


                  know its a nice moral for future's dulhas that when u start drinking milk
                  so be care full
                  khod hi samjh jain ji