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The Traditional Nikah Ceremony

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    The Traditional Nikah Ceremony

    Aside from the Islamic protocol of the actual Nikah ceremony, I understand that there are specific customs as well.

    For example some families have the Nikah take place earlier in the day (around the time for Asir namaz) and the reception is in the evening. Some have the bride in another room and only the qazi and witnesses are allowed to go and ask for her consent while others have both dulha and dulhan together at the same time and both are asked publicly.

    I have heard of certain Imams that allow silence from the bride to represent her agreement while others insist that for the Nikah to be valid her "qabool hai's" must be verbalized and heard.

    Are there other variations and which is right?

    First of all, heartly congrats.
    Well, after reading your post one question came to mind. May I ......?? (nevermind, I'm gonna ask anyways )
    Are you arranging your marriage all by yourself, (seems like that to me j/k)
    Well, I know nothing about that stuff. Seems like can't help ya sorry

    Anyway, God bless you both


      Wah Whiterainbow!!

      kya munh kee baat cheen lee

      After reading the 1st topic by Muzna on traditions of Shaadi and now this!!!! Your analysis seems perfect, wah wah


        are u trying to tell us that u r so sharmily that u can't even say qabool hai's in front of peeps!!!!!!after reading all those posts that u posted here, doesn't seems like to me that u are sharmily at all(good to some extent). i have another question, if u don't mind, i know u will(so, why bother gettin' permission)ok, the question is.... are u ready? (nevermind)
        r u the only 2 people who is going to attend your wedding.


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          I have enjoyed food in Muslim weddings few times. But I never saw all ceremony.


            Thank you for the good wishes.

            If you are attempting to ascertain whether I am participating in the selection of the traditions that are followed at my wedding, then yes....myself and my fiance are playing a very major role.

            This event will be one that we will forever cherish hence the close scrutiny and careful attention to detail.


            Agar aap apna munh bund karna seekh lain tau aap kay munh kee baat koi cheen nahin pa'ay ga.


            Are you telling us that you have formed a complete opinion about my personality simply by reading a few posts of mine? That's just a tad bit naive don't you think?

            About the attendance concern that you have expressed.....yes, we are the only two people attending the wedding. At least the only two that count.

            Cheers all!


              Dear Muzna

              Bohat hee mushkil kam keh dya aap ney to, agar aisa kar lya to phir gup shup main kaisay aaon ga?

              And you need atleast 4 more people apart from the "2" that really counts


                One other..actually!!!!
                depends which cultural 'rasms' you follow! In some, only the bride needs a witness and even then it's only one!!!
                But let's be honest...we need a few more than that....we need SOME people to complain about the food or ***** about the bride/groom's family, criticise the clothes and jewellery, etc. It just WOULDN'T be a Desi wedding without that, now would it?
                What's your opinion on that JAK? This question goes out to Whiterainbow AND Anari4Ever, too!!
                Thanx for your well wishes guys!!!



                  Sky dive and exchange da qabool hains at 20K feet... only prob is with the molvi dewd's beard falpping in front of his face you may not hear the whole shabang..

                  hmmmmmm if ya need help lemme know. went thru it in not so distant past..babez will prolly help ya out more

                  The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                    Hehehe Fraudia I still remember your posting about you and babez arranging your marriage



                      Thanks dude! Would love to have any suggestions that you and your babez would offer.......


                        Dear AnokhaUK

                        I certainly agrees with you, without all the items you have mentioned, a desi wedding cannot be called as Wedding at all. Because these things also lays the foundation for future "larayan" (fightings among the relatives)


                          *falls off the chair laffin at Mr. Fraudia'z version of a Nikah!*

                          umm well Muzna ji..congratz once again...umm da weddingz I've been too....most of da time the Nikah is done at the wedding Reception. Especially if there are non-muslims brings them one more step closer to understanding out religion through the kutbah given during the ceremoney. It kinda clears up any misunderstandings that non-muslims and even muslims (husband throwing wife over his shoulder and considering her, his property etc etc etc )

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                            i think that there is no one right or wrong way for a nikkah to be performed. it all depends on the individual couple and families. i always think it's nice for the bride and groom to be together on stage and then have the nikkah performed although some people feel that the bride should be hidden until after the nikkah and then make her grand entrance. myself and fraudia's nikkah was a bit confusing as the molvi dude asked me (while i was in the dulhan room) for my permission to allow my father to accept the nikkah and maher on my behalf. i gave my consent and all was fine except that my dulha thought he was marrying my dad!
                            end result: everything worked out and most people don't really remember the actual nikkah ceremony but will never forget the khutbah (our molvi was a bit too explicit wen explaining the husband's and wife's duties, rights, and roles...if ya know what i mean ;D ) so since of the most important parts of a nikkah ceremony is the speech so choose your molvi carefully


                              Samae ke saat chalo
                              what about having nikkah ceremony on gup shup through postings

                              or have a computer on line at the location and every body (molvi, khutba, dulha, dulhan,?, ?) is posting as it happens.