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Hey! Yahan koi hai kyun nahi

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    Hey! Yahan koi hai kyun nahi

    err..why isn't anybody here???

    ummm well i am here now, and you are here. Now all we need is a juicy topic, and we will go bizerk theeeek????


      Okay. You pick the topic


        "You pick the topic" what kinda topic is that LOL . Abb yehan bhi shehzado(n) ko sara kaam karna perega uffff

        Acha let me think, ok got it.

        First of all whenever someone talks about culture in Pakistan, why is it always folk culture. why do our elders resent the new brand of popular culture (eg.pop music). Why is CHANGE resisted in Pakistan (way of clothing, music, attitude). Where are the theaters, drama's, Painting exhibitions, why is general public not interested in these activities.

        ok more will come later ..this was just to get the ball rolling....theeeeek????



          I go away for a bit and the whole place falls apart. anyways, I am kinda back, still away on bidniz but the pace has slowed down to almost normal.

          so whats on your minds folks, speak up.

          Urdu Boliye, Urdu Parrhiye, Urdu Likhye...Thank You
          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.