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Punjabi Linguistic Superiority

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    Punjabi Linguistic Superiority

    There are no comparable terms in any other language for the following Punjabi words. Even if there are comparable words in other languages, it is still not the same. The 'expression' and the 'intensity' of Punjabi terms cannot be 'translated'.

    (Somewhat comparable English Translation)
    1. Mutyar (Cosmo Girl)
    2. Jawani (Youth)
    3. Wattan Di Hawa (National Wind)
    4. MaN Da Ladla (Son)
    5. BhenaN dey Veer (Brother)
    6. Tandoor Di Rooti (Bread)
    7. Lucha Lafanga (Bad Boy)

    These are just a few examples of the superiority of Punjabi language. Everyone should learn Punjabi.

    Oye hoye, mere ugloo pugloo, piayrey piayrey, mithay mithey jeh veereya, tere to sau sau vaari sadkay jaavaN vaari jaavaN... tu kinniaN guRh di RohRi vargiaN mithiaN mithiaN lall valalliyaN maarda ain.....

    Ask some one to translate that to Englsih. Good luck.



      Ahmadi Bhra Ji,

      VadHaiaN mErE dil toN tuhanu ih sohnE vishE/topic nu shuru karan lai. I really became interested in Punjabi in 1988 when one of my French Canadian friends told me how much he loved his mother tongue. Then I realised what my mother always said about the MaN Boli. Since then, I have devoted most of my free time for the advancement of Punjabi.

      Punjabi is unique. Ih taN surmiaN 'tE ashiqaN/mashookaN di boli hai. KinnE ku kissE hun Punjabi wich likhE hoi: bahaduri dian kahanHiaN dE 'tE muhabataN dE.

      Khoob, rang la ditta tusiN taN.

      Rab Rakha