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    Should you must spit while eating a paan?

    Jat yaar:

    Spit all the way!!!!!!!!!!!

    I think spitting after chewing paan is one of the coolest vices we pakis have. I mean just imagine this, you chew the heck out of this poor leaf and then spit out the unwanted saliva mixed with "katha" "choona" and "tambakoo."

    By the way, aren't marks of spit under the trees and near a corner of a street part of our culture?? The streets, not to mention trees and "nukaar", are littered with these highly decorative excretions!

    Hmmmm... Fraudia mian... here's another topic for you to tackle!!!


      oooh yuck!!!
      Politely spit it out in a napkin. Anything else is disgusting!!!

      Does anyone have a good step by step guide to make pan?

      I've seen it done...but don't know all the necessary ingredients.


        ok take a pan .... spread some choona(chalk)
        on it .... put a lil khushboo(no cologne please) .... supari .....chaliya ....sonf ....paan syrup ....which is only available in selected stores ...hehe....and then carefully rap it into a cone!

        what u want to do with this kinda paan is up to u ...i mean eventually u'd hafta to spit



          Bhaee mai to sara nigal jaati hoon
          I swallow it allll!!!!!!! yum yum!


            thanks maharaja!!!


              really..itz so disgusting....when I went to Pakistan after 14 made a bad impression on me that we as Pakistanis don't care about keeping our city streets clean........

              it seems as though the trend of "paan spitting warz" has moved Gerrard st.
              22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


                Hinnah Dear,

                You are an environmentalist and worry too much. To clean the streets, they hire the workers. If we do not throw garbage in the street, 100's of workers would loose their jobs.

                May be we can carry a peekdaan on the streets! I, of course, endorse it. I definitely do not want to pay Rs. 1,100 fine for littering the streets.

                Rab Rakha.


                  I just think itz very disgusting....I mean...would u wanna walk in someone'z paan spit??
                  no thanx...I really need my shoez clean..
                  22.1 . O mankind! Fear your Lord . Lo! the earthquake of the Hour ( of Doom ) is a tremendous thing .


                    I thing chewing a paan is one of da coolest things us desis do, like chai in da other post. The spitting out is part of teh whole processof enjoying a paan. You just can't enjoy a paan to its fullest until you spit that brown looking slaivaacross the street. You can consider it a ritual almost!!!