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    Punjabi Folklore!!!Punjabi Lok-geet

    Punjabi Folklore! What you think about it? I think it is great!!!
    Folklore is the backbone of any culture and in case of Punjabi culture if you take out the religion and its folklore nothing is left. Punjab, not the Punjab of today, the Pakistani Punjab or Indian Punjab but the Punjab that lies as a flat plate on the face of this round planet surrounded by mountains on the north and west to the deserts of Haryana and Rajsthan on the east and south, that shares a common thread of its folklore regardless of the religion of its people.
    What you think about its folk songs, boliyaN, tappey, Mahia,dholla, gidha, bhangRa, kikkli? The songs sung when a Punjabi is born, when he falls in love when he marries when he dies are the songs that carry very strong emotions and deep feelings of not only the people who sing it but each and every Punjabi who ever lived and died on and around the land of five rivers.
    You can find the mention of stuff related to every facet of Punjabi life from haar-shingaar of a Punjabi mutiaar to the names of the birds who inhibit Punjab as their home.
    Haar-Shingaar: Kaantey,WaliaN, chownk,jugani, chand, munderi, tikka,kaintha,nattiyaN,nath,machhli,teeli, taweet,baaju-band,pari-band,jhanjraN,panjebaN, chhalla etc.
    Birds:Koyal, chakore, moor,koonjh,totey,bagaley,ghugiyaN,kaaN...

    You find the mention of Punjabi towns of one time or the other, Multan,Lahore,Kashmeer, Pashore,Kasur,Naarowal,Jehlam, JagraoN, Doaba, RahoN, Patiala, Pathankot etc...

    Ever since I started reading Punjabi as a hobby(which was when I left my high School), no other piece of Punjabi literarute have influenced me more than the Punjabi Folklore. I also know that stuff that I read is mostly documented in East Punjab although most of it is also common with West Punjab. My belief is that Punjabi folklore's best strength is its oral traditions which have weakened a bit in the east Punjab in last many decades but have been strong enough in West Punjab even today.
    I have seen glympes of Punjabi folklore on Gup Shup forums once in a while from NaikLarki, NYAhmadi,Sadaf, Ramis,Mahnoor and many others which I really like and probably the strongest reason for me to stick around to the Gup Shup.

    Punjabi lok-geet's take you on a step by step journey of Punjab and we regard them as the travel-log of Punjabi life.

    Let us use this thread to share the pieces of Punjabi Lok-geet, boliyaN,tappey etc that we like the most and also discuus how they represent the Punjabi life today and past.

    I will start with some favourite BoliyaN.
    Boliyan: Gidha and BhangRa is the dance of Punjab and BoliyaN are an integral part of this dance. BhangRa is usually the dance done by males and Gidha is done by females although with the modern advances in music and our ingnorance about the classic nature of these dances the the line between the two is getting very gray and most people(at least in the Westren countries) are starting to call BhangRa. Boli (plural is BiliyaN) is a poetic couplet or a verse that is sung while doing Gidha or BhangRa. For example the following:

    A young girl complains about her husband being anpaRh or not well educated. The irony is that she thinks middle pass is well-educated..
    baahRi barsiN khattan giya si khatt ke lyanda feeta,
    tere ghar nahi wassna, tooN Middle pass na keeta.....

    In old days, married women used to do 'parda' from elder male in-laws which was called 'ghund' or 'Kuhnd'. Here is a smart Punjaban with a plan to get rid of it.

    kori kori koondi vich mirchaN ragaRaN,
    sahurey(father-in-law) di ukh vich paa daini aan,
    Kuhnd kadney da alakh mukkaa daini aan.....

    some more;

    gorey rung ne sadda nahi rehna,
    bhar bhar vandd muthiyaN.

    gora rung na kisey nooN Rabb daivey,
    sara pind vairr pai giya.

    gora rung na gawaa laNyee kuRiye,
    laalach ladooaN de.[/b]
    gorey rung nooN koi na puchhda,
    mull paindey aklaN de.

    na daiviN mayeiN GujraNwaley,
    GujraNwaley de mundey kaaley,
    mein rajj ke sohni hoi aan ni....
    ni mein rajj ke sohni hi aan mein rajj mein rajj ke...

    lai jaa chhalliyaN, bhunna laiN daaney,
    mitra door diya....

    photo khichni gwandaney teri ni,
    kandh uttey rakh camera.

    mundey mar gai kamaiyaN kardey,
    Lachhi, tere band na banney

    Rabba lag na kisey nooN javey,
    guRh naaloN ishaq mitha.

    These were some selective boliyaN. There are many many more boliyaN and Punjabi lok-geets for many different occasions. Please post any such piece that you like most. Thanks

    There are situations described in some of these Punjabi lok-geets that are very unique in many cases but are very coomon in others. There is a Punjabi lok-geet believed to be composed by some unknown Muslim mother whose only son went to fight for Britain in world war one and she describes her and her daughter-in-laws pain in this song and pleads the Firangi Hakkumat to stop the war and return their peace home. This is so touching that probably could make the motto song for world peace instead of that stupid ghuggi(dove) by Picaso. or is it kabooter.

    PS: here is a special one for NaikLarki------->Naiki khatt lainge, mithiaN zubaanaN waley.

    Zaberdast thread Chann jee.

    Aap ne ziyadah ter bhangrron mein istamaal hone wali boliyan waghairah likhi hain - koi munfarid si cheez bhi likhein na.
    Matlab koi aapnerre gharran da geet wagharirah. Sade gharaan de wi kafi lok geet ne, agar te tussein oho jae geetan de gal ker rahe ho, te fer, mera pasandeeda sunrro.

    Toon boli ya mein boli
    Phol diga weere ni wich doli

    isi gane ka aik aur misrah hai

    Na hum laiyaan na tum laiyaan
    saein suta reyha kolon lang aaiyaan

    Age se yaad nahin.
    and one more

    Laga laga janain wae main khaliyaan khoo te
    atharoon je dige mere chann jae munh te
    bol ganwa bol wae main dadi dukhie aan



      Dear Channmahi,

      It is Fakhta (ghuge, kabooter, batayra, tilyer,) same difference.

      I don't know if I can make any contribution here to this thread. However, I feel so proud that everything that you have stated is so engraved on my heart. I am so amazed with myself that I know, without realizing how much, all of the folklore you have mentioned.

      The part of Punjab I am from is a very different Punjab that Lahore represents (in terms of state of mind). I love Lahore and all of Punjab, but Punjabi spoken in my part is quintessentially different than that of more popular one (for example, your). In Punjabi cities, my accent is often referred to as "Jangli" (wild) Punjabi. When I was a student in Lahore, it was not uncommon for guys in my class to get intimidated when I spoke (and this was at a College, you can imagine me speaking on the streets). Lahoris associate my accent with Central Punjab's "unruly" people, the places where family feuds are as natural of an expression of life as getting an education. It is not uncommon in that region to have feuds going back years, and generations. Sometimes over silly little things. (Channmahi, your great great great grandfather bought the horse that my great great great grandfather had his eyes on, I am going to teach you a lesson for his stupidity!!! You better have a legitimate excuse for his actions if you love your life). Their "intriguing" "jangliness" aside, I love my village people. I have traveled all over Pakistani Punjab, the customs and the rituals vary from town to town, but the basic elements of what makes Punjab remain the same. The accents may change a slight bit, but the BoliyaN, the Dooray, remain the same. Same words, different annunciation. Have you heard of Attaulla Khan Isa Khailwee? He is a very famous Punjabi singer. My Punjabi is pretty much like his (not totally, just a tiny bit "janglier" than his).

      I did make every effort to soften my accent but to no avail. At heart I am a Lahori "as good as it gets", in terms of my accent, there is a lot to be desired.

      Ballo batyaN tay maru saN Koo sanglaN naal
      Pital banaya e, Sohna bansaN kamlaN naal

      (turn on the lights and beat me with chains; I was born a "brass" but will turn into "gold" with my deeds) That's the kind of state of mind I am talking about, my dear Channmahi!!! Having said that I really feel like someone is beating me with Sangals!! And it feels good! SaooN Rub De.


        Sabah: Thanks bhehn ji. Which part of the land do you come from? I mean it will help me understand the accent of your language. The last verse that you have ahtroo je dige mere chann je munh really a very popular lok-geet of Punjab and many variations and many more stanzas are found of that song. Like one goes somethihg like

        laga.............tooN kehRi cheez te.
        athroo je dige mere reshami kameez te.

        If I find it somewhere, I will post in full.

        NYAhmadi, There is a Palkistani Punjabi writer, I think lives in UK, with "Jangli" takhalas. His name is Sher Jang Jangli. I have read some of his writings. very sweet Punjabi.

        I really like Khan Issakhailvi. I have more tapes in my collection by him than by any other Punjabi singer. Ohdey geetaN choN Punjab di mitti di khushboo aundi hai.

        ikk chann je sohney yaar lai,
        asaN sikkdiyaN(udeek diyaN) ummer guzaar ditti.
        ikk al'bailey dildaar lai..
        asaN sikkdiyaN ummer guzaar ditti..

        jehdey vaal khulley chaRh saanwniaN,
        jehdey vaal guthey vall naagniaN,
        ohna zulfaN de hikk piyaar lai...

        ni kameez teri kaali,
        sohney phullaN wali,
        bhaveiN vasseiN tooN vilayat,
        asaN karni ni raiyat,
        tainu lai ke jaana ain Mianwali

        bairee wala ghar mainu haaley teek yaad ai,
        haaley teek munh vich bairaN da sawaad ai.

        sunan lai shair ohney,
        dainey mainu bair ohney,
        russ jaana phair ohney,
        kehi ustaad ai,

        bairee wala ghar.....

        Have you heard any of the collections by Akram Rahi? He is another fine Pakistani Punjabi singer who reminds me of my motherland.
        BTW, we are getting Shaukat Ali here in California for Vaisakhi mela on May 30th along with some other Punjabi singers probably including Janice Miller (Oh yeah, she is American and sings Pakistani Punjabi songs really good). Looking forward to that occasion.
        Having studied the subject of Punjabi Lok-geets and folklore fondly for a while now, I can understand (not speak) almost all accents of Punjabi spoken in various parts of Punjab.

        Now that you mentioned the fun your friends had with your jangli accent, I remember my own college friends who were mostly from Malwa(Ludhiana, Ropar, Patiala) area of Punjab and my Amritsari(almost Lahori) accent of Punjabi was always ammusing for them. And so was their accent to me. regardless of that I loved it all and they used to call me Lahoria when they were in good teasing mood.

        I think we can get some more input on this thread from Sadaf, Naiklarki etc. Hoping to see their comments and contribution.

        Sabah, I will post some lok-geets here later like the ones you asked.



          Salaam Chann jee

          Aap ne khariyan/ Jehlam/ Gujrat ka naam to suna hi ho ga, ham wahan nazdeeq hi rehte hain

          Aap ne gane ki agli lines jo post ki hain, woh ham bhi gate hain