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    Will somebody please provide some details on this archeological find in Pakistan?

    Salaam Muzna jee

    Mujhe itna mloom hai keh yeh Karachi main hai, aur is ki haalat rooz ba rooz buri hoti ja rahi hai, matlab khnadar toot raha hai.

    I'm not sure lekin yeh shayed kisi hindu ne banwaya tha.

    Aur aik Pakistani pop singer Fahr-e-Alam shayed is jagah ko bachane ki koshish ker raha hai!



      Moenjodarro is not in Karachi, although some buildings in the old city part resemble the ruins of Moenjodarro. I personally believe that the Moenjodarro ruins may have had a better water and sewerage system than these relics from the Imperial India period.

      Moenjodarro is in indus valley, more specifically in the Sindh province of Pakistan. This site in addition to Harrapa, are among the oldest ruins in the world and, from what I know, are fairly well preserved.

      More recently, the government has stepped up its efforts to protect and preserve these sites. The area has generated international interest since its discovery and one can find archeological teams from all over the world at these sites pretty much the whole year.

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        Ahh meri info bilkul hi galat niklein, lekin mujhe to aik Karachi mein rehne wale ne bataya tha. Mujhe pehle hi pata tha ke us ki baatoon pe yaqeen nahin karna chahiye.

        Sorry Muzna jee.


          Hey ! I'm surprised u pakistanis dont know much about Mohenjodaro!( no offence) It's the first thing they teach out here in India in history at school...
          It's a major archaeological site in the chain of various ancient towns unearthed during the laying of a railway track by the Mr.Fraudia said, a part of the ancient Indus valley civilization.
          Other sites r harappa, lothal, kalibangan...etc..some in rajasthan and gujarat in india.. this civilization dates back to 5000yrs back from now! The civilization is supposed to have had trade links with egypt and Sumeria...also, at that time, there was no desert out was lush jungle...
          It's a joint heritage of India and Pakistan..we should see to it that the sites are well maintained..
          Simple ain't easy.


            Muzna ji:
            I have been to Moenjodaro 3-4 times. But it has been about 8 years I last visited that place. Quite intersting, Maybe the cleanest in Sindh
            I dont remember much about that civilization now (thanks to my short memory) but it is one of the oldest in the world. It was destroyed by flood 7 times. Reconstructed and again destroyed by flood.
            It is not in Karachi it is somewhere near Sukkur. I am not sure, I don't remember now, I guess it is 2 hour drive from Sukkur.
            It still has a lot of space yet to discover, but our "Mehkma-e-Aasar-e-Qadeema" is not paying any attention to that. I remember when we went there last time I digged some place and actually found the "toota hoa ghara" with fingerprint of some ancient man.

            The old buildings and the rooms are very well constructed and well planned. The water sewerage system is definately better than the present system in Pakistan.

            If I find any other information on Moenjodaro I will post here.
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            Saadi Sherazi



              I actually made a presentation for my Communications class on Moenjodaro two semesters back. I dont remember most of it. But this is what comes to mind.

              Moenjodaro is the oldest form of civilization to be documented. It's situated near Karachi. Around 300 Kms away from Karachi, in fact. It's considered to be a modern city, built with proper planning. All modern materials of the time were used for construction, for example, bricks and weights for concise measurements. Plus, Moenjodaro also had a modern drainage system, to get rid of rain water and is said to have been constructed with a raised platform, so to speak, in order to protect the city from the flood's of the Indus. Currently, Moenjodaro is a World Heritage Project which means efforts are under way to keep it preserved, and to protect the site from floods,looters etc. And it's not a moment too soon, becoz Moenjodaro had been neglected for years before it was finally given recognition as a WHP, and International support in terms of funds etc.
              Ofcourse, the Pak Govt. did not offer any help in this regard.

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                I also read that scull measurements of sculls there are very similar to Sindhis we see now. So it could be most ancient sindhi civilization.