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The decadence of our society

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    The decadence of our society

    I read this artice in chowk and would like to share with you guys. Maybe someone here could be of help to this grieving family.

    Another Hope Killed

    Anita Zaidi

    Submitted with minor textual changes and Dr. Amjad Ali’s permission. Dr. Ali is training to be a laparoscopic surgeon at Duke University. He is one of those rare individuals who doesn't fail to make a lasting impression on anyone who meets him. He would really appreciate any helpful suggestions that anyone can provide, either in the Interact! or by contacting him at [email protected] or [email protected]

    For us, it was another routine Sunday morning. I sat in front of the computer and opened my mail account. As usual, messages came flooding in. I just wanted a quick look before we went out for brunch with some friends. I went through one, and then another; the third header stopped me cold. It was from a friend at Duke and it said “Cold-blooded murder of my brother”; a copy of an appeal for help that was posted on the Aga Khan University’s mailing list.

    Amjad Ali wrote: “On February 16th, my 15 year-old brother, Farrukh Ali (nickname Vicky), a student of Class 9, was kidnapped from a video games shop near our house in Mohalla Muslim Abad, Nai Abadi, Gujrat. My parents received an anonymous call at 9.30 p.m. that night, asking for a ransom of 10 lacs rupees. My parents are poor and uneducated. My father works as a mechanic in a local electrical fan factory (Pervaiz Fans). He does not have these kinds of resources. He immediately informed the police. No action was taken. The next day, my parents reported a suspect, Atiq Rahman, someone who had been seen with my brother by several people at the video games shop, just before his disappearance. Mr. Rahman has a history of being involved in many neighbourhood fights, and has been charged on multiple occasions with drugs and weapons possession. The police inspector, Mr. Liaquat Ali Garaya took the suspect into custody from the same shop next day, but made no attempt to recover my brother. Even the home of the suspect was not searched, even though Inspector Garaya told my parents that Mr. Rahman admitted to making the ransom phone call. For the next 10 days my parents went to the police station every day, and each day they were sent back with the answer that police is working on the case and they will be informed of any updates. They also promised that since police had the kidnapper under custody, they will not let anyone hurt Farrukh.

    On February 26, my brother’s body was found in a gutter near the suspect’s house. He had been shot in the head, his hands were tied behind his back, and his eyes and mouth taped. His legs were tied to each other and to a pair of trousers that were weighted down with bricks to keep the body from floating. The trousers were identified as a pair belonging to the suspect. According to the post-mortem report, my brother had been dead for 5-7 days - he was killed by an accomplice 2-4 days after Mr. Rahman was arrested.

    My parents have worked hard all their lives. They have sacrificed and struggled against all the odds to focus on their children’s education. They always taught us that hard work never goes to waste. Because of their untiring efforts, prayers, and encouragement, I was able to get admission on a scholarship at Aga Khan University to become a doctor. They had great hopes for my brother, a bright and innocent boy of 15. I cannot even describe the effect on them of this tragedy. They have no money and they are powerless in the system. They have begged me to not come home because they think I’ll be killed too. The suspect’s father has friends in the district administration and is using his contacts to cover up the crime. No attempts are being made to trace his partners in this heinous crime, or even to hold the responsible officers accountable for not taking an active interest in the case. I have never felt so helpless in my entire life.

    I am asking if anyone has any ideas or suggestions that could help my parents in seeking justice and reducing their misery. Is there anyway that this case could get more publicity?

    The details of the case are:

    Victim’s name: Farrukh Ali
    Date of birth: February 19, 1983
    Date of disappearance: February 16, 1999
    Date body found: February 26, 1999
    Case filed at Civil Lines Police Station. Tel 523304 (Case number 144)
    Police officers responsible for investigation: DSP Tufail Mirza tel: 522720, Inspector Liaquat Ali Garaya (tel:0300-629334), SP Masood Bungish.”

    hmmmm..lets see...

    Just didn;t want to let this one die, yet! No pun intended!


      Ghalib jee Pata nahin aise mauqah pe kya kehte hai, Allah us bache ke maan baap ko sabr ata farmae Amen.

      Aap ka shukriya I guess ke aap ne ise post kiya, is se aur ka to maloom nahin, magar parrhne wale aik dafa fatiha to parrein ge na.

      Yeh sari post parhte huwe aik sawal tha mere zehn mein, kion, lekin yeh sawal to us ki maan bhi karti hogi.