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    Pakistani food

    Hi everbody,

    Pakistani food is my favourite, and believe it or not, i can often tell the difference between Pakistani and Indian food (but not always).

    But is there much difference in taste and variety between food from different regions within Pakistan?

    Not only is there difference between foods of various regions but also of the various groups within Pakistan that migrated from different regions of the pre partition India. Each of these groups have some specific delicacies as well as their own twist on the most popular dishes.

    The group which has its roots in dehli has its version of Nihari, which I think is the best... the only other Nihari that comes close is the Lahori version.

    Beharis bring the famous kebabs that are now just known as behari kebabs. I am not sure what their original name was.

    Sindh province has a version of rotisserie chicken or lamb, the style is called "Sajji"

    okay now, its lunch time and all this is making me hungry, so more to come later.

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      Dear John,

      Well, it most certainly is nice to know that you like Pakistani food. As Fraudz said, there are some regional variations and specialities.

      I reacall you saying quite a while back that you have a number of Pakistani friends, some of whom you made while studying at uni ... is that when you picked up your preference for Pakistani food?

      Do you have any favourite dishes?

      kind regards



        Thanks for the information. Btw, what is 'Nihari'?


        I liked Pakistani food before i even got to uni, but i think my enthusiasm grew for it while i was there. certainly my respect and attraction to Pakistani culture increased while at uni. I guess i like chicken pilao and keema.

        Fraudz & Hasnain

        Were you guys born in Pakistan? Where in Pakistan are you originally from, might i ask?


          Nihari is made from large chunks of meat and with a very runny and spicy gravy. They use a certain part of meat for it.. I cant recall what it is though. It is truly scrumptious .

          I was born in the UK have lived in Pakistan for 2 years in my teens, but am very familiar with everything Pakistani.
          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.