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    My next comments are going to get me in trouble, I know it...but sadly they represent my true thoughts.

    Should I go back to Pakistan ? No, not now, and not in forseeable future. Could I be helpful? Could I make a positive impact?..Yes, but not at the expense of personal safety, peace of mind and a hassle free life.

    My father and uncles returned to make a difference, as did the parents of thousands of others. They were among the generation that had a burning desire to go back and fix things, and for the most part, they were unable to do it due to the situations present.

    I personally do not feel an obligation to go back and fix things, I was not among the people who caused it, I am not among the people who are causing it to this day. Simply put, its not my problem and I am not going to miss out on my life fixing up other people’s mess. The responsibility rests with the Pakistani society, the responsibility rests with the people who were there and who are there. What should I go back for, what should anyone go back for?

    At the expense of giving away my background on this forum, I have to share some history, which is probably similar for for many of you. Many families lost everything during the independence. My parents’ families were in that group. These people decided to take their destiny in their own hands, and make the best of things. My father worked, gave private tuitions from a highschool age, literally studied under street lamps because the house was too cramped to get quiet study area. My uncles did the same, and not only did they pay for their own education, they took care of the house and made sure that their sisters got a good education too. These were kids who were living a worry free and prosperous life and were suddenly thrust into these circumstances. They made the best of things by hard work, dedication and tenacity that I can not even come close to.

    These guys left for better education and a better life abroad, studying at top universities funded not by some trust funds like my generation but by scholarships, fellowships and insane work scheules. Once established they started pulling their friends and cousins out so they can improve their own family’s situations as well. These are the people who made an impact and by God, if everyone would have worked hard for one’s own success and then helped someone else reach their potential, our country would have been in a very different situation.. The expatriates gave back to the country allright. They gave foriegn currency accounts, they started improving lives of many in their families starting a chain reaction. What did they see when they returned to Pakistan? Others however, lacked the work ethic and mental abilities, as well as self restraint and sound judgement. These are the people who tried to take any shortcut that came their way, without regards to whether it was legal or ethical.

    Its not that I dont respect Pakistan. I am troubled by the fact that people fail to take personal responsibility for their situations and actions. The violence the hatred, the materialistic nature of our society.

    Sorry folks, I had to voice this unpopular viewpoint. As unpopular as it may be, it is realistic, logical and but I feel that I can better serve Pakistan by being successful here. Helping some family members get better education opportunities and consequently a better life, thus continuing the chain reaction that was started due to the efforts of people like my parents and the parents of so many other Foriegn Born Pakistanis.

    I am a firm believer that everything can change in a few generations, provided the people take responsibility for a small share. No one can be out to save the world. There are far too many people that shout and scream about change but if shouting and screaming changed things everyone would have bought megaphones. The real change is caused by an evolution, and not a revolution as most people in Pakistan are hoping for and demanding. Further thoughts on this could be found on the culture and society forum under the heading evolution of society = eradicator of political problems.

    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


    Your ramblings are pretty good.....

    The generalized laziness, corruption and apathy seen in many of the Pakistanis is irritating. There seems to be little work ethic or pride in personal accomplishment. I have a grandfather that fought for freedom for Pakistan (and Kashmir) and he states that he is ashamed at the state of the country that he helped create.

    Obviously personal security and comfort are one of the most important criteria in choosing where we live.

    However, if we choose to give to a society....which one would benefit the most from our services?
    Pakistan or Western country.


      Mr fraudia.. baat to aap nay patay ki kee..

      but the main problem is that if everyone leaves the country to get a better life, then who will be left to better the country.

      I agree with the fact that there needs to be an eviloution in the society not revolution as many people seem to think is inevitable. Look what good did it do to America. They had the revolution, but only when the society evolved that the country and its people started to progress.

      In stark contrast we have Russia. They had the bloodiest revolution in history, everything seemed fine but look at the skeletons they had in their closets. Now evebn after the Capitalist revolution their mentality hasn't changed a single bit. They are still tied into their Imperialistic past.

      People in pakistan have to create their own path but i wish they could follow the American path rather than the Russian one.


        Blackzero aka Kalay Sifr, agreed with the point that if everyone leaves the country than who will be left there to better the country. My point was not that everyone leaves the country, but that people outside Pakistan often are in a position to make a contribution by assisting their friends and families get a better life by helping them avail educational or economic opportunities.

        There are people overseas who can go and make a definite contribution, but most Foriegn Born Pakistanis like you and I are not real jedi knights yet and are in most cases in the early stages of our careers. For real solid contributions these people have to advance in their fields, get industry knowledge and expertise and then they can go back and be subject matter experts on something. Until then what can there contributions really be. If we agree that its not revolution but evolution that will be the solution, then its better for people like us to assist someone we know in becoming a more productive and valuable member of the society.

        Down the road there are some infrastructure needs that a private sector can aid in and people like us can be a driving force behind it. This could include education, providing cutting edge technology to the students and bringing them in line with the rest of the world.

        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


          Just bringing this topic back into the current topics..
          Since the participation in this forum has increased recently
          I wanted to bring some discussions that had fizzled out earlier
          due to fewer participants being active..

          The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.