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Dear Mr Moderator ...

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    Dear Mr Moderator ...

    Assalaamu 'alaikum,

    Adaab arz hai. How are you today? Aaj kal yahan zyada hee khamoshi hai. Khariat tho hai na?

    Mene socha bhai seh haal waal hee pouch loun.

    Acha janaab ijazat deejeyeh. Phir Insha'Allaah baath ho gae.



    Hasnain Sahab

    Assalam Alaikum

    I have decided to take on the role of a moderator, rather than an "initiator"
    I guess the lack of traffic just demonstrates lack of interest of people in our culture and society but that could be wrong.

    I was away for a few days last week and just did not get the time to write up something interesting to keep people busy.
    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      Assalaamu alaikum,

      It sure is quiet in this forum aaj kal! Spooky even! Yahan makyan tho naheen maree ja raheen?

      i think there is an interest in culture and society, but perhaps not at a deep (intelectual) level.

      I had a look at your profile janaab (hope you don't mind), and i notice that you're a business consultant. What kind of business might that involve, if you don't mind me asking?

      Do you play football, or just keep up with it?

      well, i guess it's back to the drawing board for me ... no rest for the wicked!

      apna khyaal rakyeh gah janaab



        Yaar Hasnain Sahib

        Aap bhi takkaluif say baaz naheen aaye. The profile is there for people to see. As far as my business consulting goes, it has varied from international marketing and EDI to process reengineering and continous improvement. Currently I am involved in process rengineering and change management area with a bank. I am trying to get into a consultign organization later on..any contacts?
        Football hmmm, currently it has been limited to just watching earlier I played for my university and then a league team in Philadelphia. Because of my moving around last 2 years, I really did not get a chance to play at a competitive level. InshaAllah i plan to start regular football this summer.

        You play as well?

        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


          Assalaamu 'alaikum,

          Guess what time it is? 3:57am and i've been at work all night! Subhaan'Allaah, i must be sad!

          We had an urgent migration to complete satisfactoraly, and we're still working on it ... mujhe bohot neend aa rahee hai! waaseeyan mar raha houn!

          I've been here since 8:30am yesterday morning! Aur fajr ka waqt ho raha hai. Like i said no rest for the wicked!

          I thought i'd come onto GupShup and just have a read, as i'm too tired to think straight. But as this seems to be the only post in here for a few days now, i thought i'd try and populate it a little more!

          I'm sorry, I'm forgetting my manners ... aap sunayeh, kya haal chaal hain yaar?

          Masha'Allaah, i see that you have quite an interesting job. What type of consulting organisation did you have in mind?

          I used to captain the school football team, maghar ab kya khelna hai, ab tho burra ho chucka houn! Besides, i'm trying to recover from my roller blading accident.

          i do enjoy participating in many sports though, and also watching most. But i must say, i only enjoy watching cricket when Pakistan is playing, otherwise i think watching the game can sometimes be a little uninteresting. However, you should see the state of me when Pakistan is playing, then i get so emotionally involved. I'm actually quite looking forward to the Cricket world cup here in the UK next month.

          I've been typing this message so slowly ... it's 4:26am now. Well, i guess i ought to be getting back to work. I've never done an all nighter before! I wonder what shape i'll be in when i come out of it? ... rectangle? equal lateral triangle? ... well, just as long as i'm still a pentagon!

          apna khyaal rakyeh gah janaab and Fi'Amaan'Allaah ... where ever you are.

          ... zzZzzZzzZ


            DING DING DING
            AJ 23 HAY WOU BHI 9PM

            oh yay tou ART,CULTURE AND Heritage ka forum hay.....shayed issi leay khamoushi hay k hum mughreb ki naqul main apni teenou cheezain lost ker chukay hay...
            ok chalti hoo bye....i mean ALLAH HAFIZ.

            IQRA BISM RUB.


              Assalaamu 'alaikum,

              Iqra behaan,

              Fiqr naheen keejeyai gah ... aap kee DING DONG neh jaga dheeya hai.

              Hmm ... is forum peh zyada posts hazar ho gaey hain. Jaa kar dikhtae hain kya kouch likha hoowa hai.




                what exactly do you do? Lemme guess, system administrator? Or database admin?
                My consulting has varied from international marketing area to EDI channel mgmt and currently process reengineering and change management.

                I share your pain, I had to work on Saturday as well...yuck

                Salam Alaikum
                The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.