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Documentary on Baba-e-Pakistan

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    Documentary on Baba-e-Pakistan


    I am a first-time filmmaker and I am trying to find pictures and film footage for the baba-e-Pakistan, between the periods of 1919 to 1948. It is for a documentary that I am trying to complete by December of next year.

    Your help will be acknowledge as well appreciated.

    Khair Andesh,
    Ibn Firasat

    Contact PTV or BBC film archives department.



      You may have more luck with BBC. If you are contacting PTV. Do not contact the general inquirees or Public Relations officer. try to get in touch directly with a station manager. I needed some information a few years back and my insider was a producer named tajdaar ( adil or haider). he was fairly helpful in getting the information for me.

      BBC used to have a catalog of old documentaries and there would be a minimal charge if they were being used for research or academic reasons, for commercial ventures the process is a bit lengthy and there could be significant costs involved.

      If you need more specifics, please dont hesitate to email me directly. I may be able to get some names and numbers for you.
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