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Endangered Species : Arts Culture and Heritage

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    Endangered Species : Arts Culture and Heritage

    This used to be a warm place in the previous version of forums. People liked to say something about their culture and heritage. I remeber a pakistani PhD student from Oxford desperately defending her heritage in England. I remember the bitter fights between all the alphabet chnaratcers (abcd, xyz, fob, mno). So what happened? Did we take our fights somewhere else? Did the lady gave up? Have we surrendered in the face of western cultures? Is the word 'GUPSHUP' too offending for these serious people to come here and talk about their heritage? I just wanted to know. And maybe we can all do something.

    Azkar Choudhry



    I guess people are too busy fighting about who is more sane, cool, civilized, rich etc etc elsewhere I would say something to the effect that maybe its the general ignorance about our heritage that keeps people away from here but then again, if I started displaying the same holier than thou attitude,.. what difference would be there

    X2 kicks some serious butt, ( and I dont mean my pal Omar Butt either ). Ibn-e-safi is a genius of this century

    The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


      Ji han, yahan to culture nahin 'Agriculture' discuss ho raha hai..koi bhenson ki batin karta hai to koi kharboozeh ki. Bus ek kaam ki baat hi nahin hoti. Kher chodin in sab baton ko.... aur.
      On a more serious note, what kind of cultural events if any do you have in your neck of the woods. I live in Harrisburg PA. We have a farily large Pakistani community here, but it is almost impossible to mobilize them into any kind of meaningful action. For the past year or two, we've been trying to start a local chapter of the American Muslim Council to deal with issues concerning Muslims in general, but for some reason, none of our Pakistanis are interested. What would it take to get them moving?? Do you think our people are interested in anything beyond fun and merrimaking??



        Try a swift kick in the butt, that may get them moving.
        Being a former Philadelphia resident, I saw how the desi community kills itself by separating in groups, I dunno i just enjoy the company of my desi pals aside from the so called community events, which turn out to be a fashion show, gossip conference and start of new rivalries.

        yeh qaum naheen sudhray gi
        The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


          Here's a piece of 'success news' that I would like to share with anyone who may be interested:

          A couple of weeks ago, an article appeared in one of the local newspapers (in Harrisburg, PA) that smacked of racism and bias against Muslims. There were distorted facts, unfounded and baseless accusations and sacriligous language used against Islam and the Muslims. Luckily, our local chapter of the ADC (American Arab Anti Discrimination Committee) acted swiftly and the newspaper publishers were bombarded with phone calls,letters,e-mail
          to protest the publication of this type of material. This resulted in the newspaper apologizing publicly for their negligence and insensitivity to the feelings of Muslims living in the U.S. The reason I write all this is to let you all know that speaking out against injustice does help...there is always a chance that someone will listen.
          Similarly, we can promote our own culture, religion and traditions anywhere we live by having regular contact with the outside world, and having a healthy exchange of ideas. We have a wealth of information to share with others but we have to make an effort. In this spirit, I would like to entertain ideas on what kind of activities may be arranged so that we can educate non-Pakistanis about ourselves. I'm planning on introducing my non-Pakistani friends to Urdu literature (prose and poetry).
          Does anyone have any idea whether any of Iqbal's works were translated into English and if so are they available in the US??

          Azkar & Fraudia ji... don't get too discouraged by the lack of interest in arts and culture. I think some postings could fit in well under this topic.. only they were posted in the wrong section. Somehow the 'general' and 'meeting people'
          sections are the most popular GEE I WONDER WHY??


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            Maybe the problem is that this topic does not appeal to the younger generation?


              Dear Lady In The Night!

              Yeh French froum kab se honay lagga?!

              It's true most Overseas Pakistanis haven't a clue about their culture nor are they interested--I'm one so I know. Once I went into my local video store [Pakistani/Indian films] and asked the owner [a friend] if he could get the Indian TV drama serial about Ghalib starring Nasrudeen Shah. He looked shocked that anyone would want to watch that and then said that if he gets it he will lose money as only a handful of people will actually hire the tapes! That really saddened me. Imagine, someone like Ghalib being so anathemical to the people...tuajjab hai!

              A tiny % of overseas pakistanis like cultural things: the rest are either completely averse to anything 'Eastern' ['Gee, that stuff's SO boring! It's CRAP man! Give me Jon Bon Jovi !!'] or it is deemed un-Islamic [normally these are the Wahabbi-type Muslims of the Saudi persuasion!] ["Astaghfirullah Brother! Why do you listen to Ghalib--it's haram!]

              So hum kya karein?! A massive effort is needed I think by Pakistani Govt. to promote this Muslim Indo-Pak heritage such as a State-Owned Satellite channel to rival-and better- Zee TV!

              What do you guys think?

              BTW, 'Mademoiselle, where you from?'

              Allah Hafiz



                Jon Bon Jovi?

                asif, ummmm where does this happen?

                The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.


                  Asif sahib,
                  So that's what it takes to get a rise out of you?

                  In case you hadn't noticed, I posted two replies congratulating you on you taste in music and movies.

                  To tell you the truth, I went back to this message like three times cos it made me sound so disrespectful of my older generations. But then, I decided, nah, it's been a few days, so this thread will diappear into oblivion soon enough.

                  I think the trend of this thred had been to talk about things other than artistic. I did not feel like most of the "guppies" would be able to discuss anything worthwhile on this forum, unless it went either really religious or artsy/movie/music/fashion? And I think that's where it's now headed.

                  So, A Thousand Apologies to anyone who was offended. Carry on on your merry way!

                  I'm located on the TOOFANI West Coast.

                  La Femme

                  P.S. Please see explanation (for picking this name)in my reply to Farouq Taj under "A sensitive subject" (general).
                  Does anyone know if it's a real hassle to change one's name? 'Cos most people are just not gettin' it. (Not even the Taranto walays. Hmmm! )


                    Dear Woman in the Night . . .

                    If you would like to change your name go ahead and register as another nick and let me know via e-mail . . .

                    I'll take care of the rest.


                      Thank you Muzna (Ba)ji,
                      but by email, do you mean the ?-mark on the left side of the page?
                      Cos I tried that. The e-mail wouldn't go through! It said, "document contains no data".
                      I even logged off and back on again, so I don't think it's my server, or whatever the technical term is
                      Please change my name to "yasmeen". Thanks!

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                        You can always reach me by clicking on my name at the top left of the main bulletin board screen. . . . or just send e-mail to [email protected] or to [email protected]

                        I see that you have already re-registered as your preferred name . . .your old nick is no longer valid.

                        Welcome aboard and enjoy!


                          Those nations whose treasures are lying in slumber and in the world museums need not talk about their culture .
                          Shouldnt we first enact the real picture of what our heritage is,we should bring our ancestoral belongings from the world museums just like jews are getting back their treasures squandered over generations.
                          We need a debate about our roots???


                            Dear Yasmeen -ji!

                            Sorry I don't check these posts that often and must have missed your praise of my taste in music/movies!

                            for that I thank you!
                            Hey, I believe that I knew where you were coming from when you said this topic might not appeal to younger people..

                            Hey, I'm 24 which I think is quite young I think it depnds on the people ...

                            About things that get a 'rise' out of me...let me tell you, there's one thing in particular ..I can give you more information on email if you like !



                              I think a grass roots movement and debate on this topic is a great idea. You leading the effort?

                              The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist. And like that... he is gone.