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Introducing The latest news on a heritage under threat

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    Introducing The latest news on a heritage under threat

    Introducing Punjab Heritage News
    The very latest news and commentary on a heritage under threat.

    The Punjab has played host some of the worlds greatest civilisations. Each has left a interminable mark on the country; sumptuous palaces, imposing forts,
    havelis and courtyard residences and the unique mud built houses of the rural peasantry inimitably identify the region.

    Within Punjab the rich and diverse traditions of different communities have clashed over the centuries and spawned a multitude of hybrids. Cultural fusions
    of musical traditions, religious expression, linguistic oddities, and even culinary styles abound in its fertile plains. A powerful combination of robust
    colour, strong narrative and brutal honesty distinguish Punjabi art in all its forms prompting one nineteenth century observer to describe the unique colour
    palette of the Punjab as warm and rich and fearless

    Today, that unique and rich heritage is under threat. It is being torn down in the name of modernisation and ripped apart in acts of cultural vandalism.
    Neglect and ignorance of the importance of Punjabs material heritage are a huge contributor to the persistent destruction of buildings, artworks, manuscripts and other items of material heritage.

    Today the United Kingdom Punjab Heritage Association (UKPHA) launches a new website called Punjab Heritage News on to act as a daily news source for those who share our interest in the heritage of the Punjab.

    Commenting on the launch of the new website, Gurinder Chadha, Director and writer of the films Bend it Like Beckham and Bride and Prejudice said today "I learned about my own past and my family's history on BBC 1's 'Who do you think you are?' At Punjab Heritage News I learned how much of that history is in danger of disappearing

    This site collects all the very latest news stories on Punjab's material heritage; architecture, arts, historical monuments and cultural traditions. These stories are augmented with reviews and editorials from leading writers,journalists, conservators and activists who write specifically for this new site. This makes Punjab Heritage News the primary place for the latest news and commentary from the worlds experts on the state of Punjabs rich heritage.

    We hope that this site promotes the conservation efforts that are taking place as well as giving a voice to the activist and practitioners who are working tirelessly to preserve Punjab's heritage in all its forms.

    Amandeep Madra

    Re: Introducing The latest news on a heritage under threat

    It would've been better had this initiative come from Punjabis east of Wahga