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Pakistan army to leave historic fort

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    Pakistan army to leave historic fort

    The Pakistan government has agreed to remove the paramilitary Frontier Corps from a centuries-old historic fort in the city of Peshawar.
    The magnificent brown-brick fort is built on ground in the centre of the North-West Frontier Province's capital.

    Conservationists and the provincial government are jubilant.

    They say that their long-standing demand for the military to leave historic forts around the country is finally bearing fruit.

    The army still occupies a number of Mughal and British built forts, including the famous Attock fort on the River Indus.


    Historians say Peshawar's Bala Hisar fort is as old as the city itself.

    "We will only know its exact age once we're allowed to dig inside the fort," archaeological expert Ihsan Khan told the BBC.

    The army may still be reluctant to go, some citizens believe

    "The first mention of this fort was made by Mughal emperor Babur when he visited the city. Afterwards, it was rebuilt by the Sikhs. But its present shape is because of the British forces who conducted the last repairs," said Dr Khan.

    The elegant fort has been the headquarters of the Frontier Corps since 1947.

    The fort has several interesting features, including a regimental museum that examines the history of military life on the frontier.

    It also has a gallows which was last used in 1947.

    The fort holds a commanding position from a defensive point of view.

    Placed on the historic Grand Trunk Road, highways from Afghanistan and the southern and northern parts of the province meet here.

    The fort is surrounded by a double line of fortified walls and makes an irregular quadrilateral with circular or octagonal bastions at intervals.

    No timeframe

    Prominent historian, Dr Ahmad Hasan Dani, once wrote that the fort would be a great attraction if the building was brought under protection and opened to tourists.

    Many in Peshawar believe the fort has great tourism potential
    Conservationists have been campaigning for years to get the army out and open it to tourists.

    Finally, a meeting chaired by the provincial Governor Syed Iftikhar Hussain Shah and Chief Minister Akram Khan Durrani in Peshawar decided to vacate the fort.

    However, no timeframe has been set.

    The fort is expected to be handed over to the provincial archaeological department.

    "The place is ideal for tourists and we expect to generate sufficient funds needed for its upkeep," Dr Khan said.

    Many of Peshawar's citizens hope the government stands by its decision.

    "You never know whether [the army] will vacate it or not. They have been resisting it for years and may prevail again," said Lali Khan, who runs a clinic opposite the fort
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    hope its goes ahead not delayed and then nothing will happen again.
    amry or police should leave these historic places for the sake of Pakistan tourism.

    surely they will need alternative place to move to. they also need to look into that.
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    no body cares thats the reason why our culture assets are being used as offices!!!!!!!!!!!!
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