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Indian wedding of the century

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    Indian wedding of the century

    Okay yeah so 140,000 people will be fed. For how long - one meal, one day, one week? The article does not mention.

    Call me a socialist, or whatever - but something just doesn't feel right about a wedding where candles alone cost $250,000. That is more than what some individuals earn in their entire lives. i know, he worked hard all his life and he has the right to spend it how he wishes - if his sons want to be entertained by 50 acrobats from eastern Europe, fine and dandy.

    But still - i mean, we are talking about a country where 2 year old kids are sleeping homeless on the occurs in many, many countries around the world. What level of extravagance has to be reached before enough is enough ?

    India mega-wedding justifies hype, BBC, Sanjeev Srivastava, BBC

    It was billed as the Indian marriage of the century - and it lived up to its hype.

    The bill for the candles alone came to $250,000.

    Rich Indians are known to host lavish weddings with pomp and pageantry, but Tuesday night's mega-wedding of the son of Sahara business group boss, Subrata Roy, in the northern city of Lucknow beat them all. Over 10,000 guests - a veritable A-list of India's power set, including business moguls, Bollywood idols, cricket stars and fashionistas - were airlifted to the city by special chartered planes.

    Even Prime Minister Atal Behari Vajpayee flew down to bless the newly-weds.

    The guests were all carefully screened before invitations were sent out. They also had to abide by rules for the event, held on a 300-acre company-owned township in Lucknow which features massive statues. "No photography, no videos and no autographs," instructed a glossy, user-friendly programme guide given out to all the invitees.

    The celebrations looked surreal, practically straight from a full-tilt Bollywood extravaganza. The balmy night sky was lit up with fireworks while singers belted out bhangra tunes and Bollywood dancers rocked the floor. A 100-piece orchestra was flown in from the UK to entertain guests, while 50 acrobats and stage artistes from eastern Europe performed.

    Some of them entertained on a giant stage erected on one of the lawns where dinner was served, others performed a balancing act atop balloons 50 metres above the ground, still more perched on metal wires tied to giant cranes. The township was brightly decorated - trees sported bunting, giant torches and thousands of candles supplied by Bollywood-star-turned-candle-maker Dimple Kapadia.

    Then there was the food and drink. Giant food courts were set up to serve delicacies from different parts of India. For the more adventurous gourmets, there was Chinese, Mexican, Lebanese, Italian and Mongolian cuisine. Junk food junkies could choose from a range of burgers and coleslaw. For many of the guests, the festivities began as soon as they left home - those who requested it were picked up by car from their doorstep.

    The group's airline operated 27 special flights to fly guests in and out of Lucknow.

    The planes were decked with flowers and the cabin crew dressed in bridal finery designed by some of the biggest names in Indian fashion. Lucky draws were organised during the flights, with prizes including gold coins.

    No accurate estimates are available for the final cost but it must have set back India's most enigmatic tycoon several million dollars.

    And it's not over yet. On Thursday, the $7bn Sahara group will pick up the tab for the marriage of 101 couples.

    There is also talk of a gift cheque of $5,000 for each couple.

    Then on Saturday the mega show continues with the marriage of Mr Roy's younger son.

    And if that wasn't enough, 140,000 poor people will be fed by the company across the country as part of the festivities.

    I guess she ruled out a quite, registry, no fuss one.


      Is it just me or does anyone else see history about to repeat itself in the future

      *hint* French Revolution.


        the cost was reported to be 800 cr rs. It's obscene. Indian weddings can get out of hand but this is just plain stupid!


          Personally it would make me retch if I was involved it's just so OTT.

          But on the flip side it must be great for the local economy if he's handing over so much of his loot to put on a show.


            I was watching a show on tv which was comparing the price of an average Indian wedding to an average American wedding. The price differences were astronomical. Even middle class people spend way too much money on their weddings.
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              this is crazy....

              Now you got me searching on info on the girls..i.e. who they are, what they look like and what they wore...

              maybe that's mr. roy's press for his company?


                >>maybe that's mr. roy's press for his company?<<

                Very valid point i think.

                Cat-woman, i remember reading that somewhere, statistical study that showed that average desi weddings are much more of a financial investment than the typical American wedding.

                Well, for his defence, i'm sure his family worked hard to see this day when they can pay 50 acrobats from eastern Europe to perform on giant stages...and pay $250 grand for candles, and fly in each guest on private planes. But just kinda seems seriously disproprotionate if you consider how many individuals in India are eking out an existence under the poverty line. You don't have to be a socialist, rather a straight-forward thinking person, to realize there's a huge injustice right there.


                  >>there's a huge injustice right there.<<
                  injustice of???


                    Originally posted by Hum Sa Ho To Samne Aaye:
                    Is it just me or does anyone else see history about to repeat itself in the future

                    *hint* French Revolution.
                    Who is stupid enough to immitate the french?

                    Apart from the Russians.
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                      Originally posted by hiccup:

                      Who is stupid enough to immitate the french?

                      twas the only thing i had going for me.
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                        Why are we so concerned? I'm sure they didn't steal the money or benefit from the suffering of the poor. If I had obscene amounts of money at my disposal, I'd expect a princess wedding myself. This isn't about whether or not they donate to the underpriveleged every month. One fancy party (hardly anything compared to other multi-millionaire weddings) isn't enough to judge them all. Most Indian families I know save up for their daughters' weddings from the day they were born, and spend as much as possible when the day comes knowing that she'll no longer be a member of the household. Honestly I think it's nice. Kinda shows how much they respect the sacrament of marriage, doesn't it? Nobody ever thinks "if it doesn't work out ..." It's always "once in a lifetime" for them. Maybe that's one of the reasons why the separation/separation rate is higher in Pakistan than India.

                        Shall I brace myself?